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Cash For Rainy Dayz!

Remember when you put that money aside for a rainy day...  Today is that day! I was sitting around the house listening to the rain ping against my tin roof, feeling empty inside.  I looked around, and felt blank - nothing was bringing me excitement.   I could only feel the misery the rain brought and how that dampened my day of the pool side, and suns rays.

I realized, I needed a change.  So I grabbed my piggy bank, and hit the roads of the high sea.  As the wipers blared across my windshield, I wondered what I could possibly find with my limited budget. I haven't decided what I was looking for, but when I see it I will know.  My first stops were some of my favorite local shops...

The shops I choose are not your typical household furnishing stores.  I choose second hand.  I feel it adds a touch of character, and enjoy the challenge of the hunt to bring these items together.  As well, many of my purchases help with local charities.  This gives me a sense of accomplishment, when the entire picture is done being assembled and painted.  Then when the rain comes it can easily be wiped away, to create a new scenery without breaking the bank.

So here I go... On to my first Decor Hunt, and I am taking you along with...

Stay tuned, and I will show you what I can find on my limited budget, to create a sanctuary, of serenity and true beauty.  I am going to share some great ideas, and fabulous items with you when I unlock the treasure chest...

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Share pictures of your homes with us, and we will suggest you items to fill your voids.