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Rainy Day Finds!!!

After much searching and puddle splashing over the weekend, I was able to locate a numerous amount of products, all listed under budget.  I found items at unbelievable prices, and now I get the joy of sharing those items with you, after I have compiled and strategically grouped items together alike.

First, I must apologize for the image quality, I did the very best for what I have to work with.  Thankfully I have wonderful friends and bosses who allow me to explore my creative side, but a camera that displays my handicaps.

You can see on the right, that I found this beautiful yellow hand carved candle holder, and a set of four clear glass napkin rings with a hand painted butterfly on each.  There is a marking of Ela on each clear glass napkin ring, I am assuming the Designer.  This is a great collection for a small outside patio, or breakfast nook.  I would enjoy piecing together an entire set of dishes with napkins, and find that very possible; however, as it stands this set has a starting price of $12.00, with free shipping.  I am planning on building the set with more items as I come across them, but if you wish to have it as is, feel free to contact me immediately.

As I explored my favorite stores, I began to uncover items that had unique coloring and an antique

appeal to them.  You can see with the next image, my Travel Set that I was able to assemble has an old world feel to it.  This set is great, the book, called "Travels" is a blank slate that will allow its owner to fill in the information of their journeys around the world.  It creates a nice conversation piece that displays comfortably out in the open.

The picture of Big Ben, 10" X 16" is a great accent to any travelers collection.  It could easily be illuminated with the 11-1/2" candle holder shade.  Adding plants to the pot and colorful pens to the small vase will create a functional collection that can be elegantly displayed.

I am asking $23.00 for this entire six piece set, and again free shipping.  It's a great price that has impact!  So explore yourself, and the world while you're at it!

This next set is a combination of items I previously had stored away, and new items I located over my "Rainy

Dayz" Decor Hunt.  I know many of you enjoy a little Chinese influence throughout your decor; however, many times I find that Chinese decor is limited to black red and silver.  Honestly, I feel it lacks true potential of it's character.

As you can see this next set of decorations is a nice mixture of earthy tones, and materials.  The 11" high vase is wrapped with a natural rattan, and is hand painted.  Bamboo, of course, would be a great accent for this vase.  The small plaques measure 5-1/2" square, and have a nice blend of creams and tans with Chinese Scripts.  The large picture measures 9" square, with the tranquility script displayed center.  The box, Pier 1, is large enough to store a numerous amount of items and measures 10"w X 6"d X 7"h.

This natural Chinese decor is only $20.00 with free shipping.

I really hope you enjoyed these finds, as there are many more to come.  This Decor Hunt was conducted by myself and I have many more locations to find items, including furnishings and other accessories, as well antiques.  I hope to bring you the best finds every week, and if there is something that you would like me to keep an eye out for, please do not hesitate to ask.  Send all inquiries to  We accept images of your rooms and will be happy to make wonderful suggestions to fill in the voids.

Regards, and happy hunting!!!