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Sweat Shop Decor Hunt!

I am perspiring with great deals this week! The heat brought me some fantastic finds as well!  These great inspiring pieces will bring me much enjoyment to build them into a surprising decor sets.   I cannot wait to get out on my next Decor Hunt to share with you new finds, but in the meantime... here are just a couple.  I have plenty of beginner sets started this week - but would also like some inspiration from you.  Feel free to share photos and tell me what you are looking for, so the next time I am out and see that missing piece of yours, I can grab it just for you. Example:  My friend asked me to find a set of serving dishes, for her rather large gatherings.  She was concerned, and didn't want anything to frilly.  It was a success with pieces from Italy and France, she was ecstatic with my finds, but was not obligated to purchase the items.  Another great Decor Hunt!

High Fashion is here!  Is it a fashion burst or bust?

Over the top fashion collection, perfect ensemble for the inner diva!  The umbrella holder is a nice accessory to your foyer, and the lamp creates the perfect brightness for those last minute finishing touches, that girls are infamous for.  It also would not be a bad touch to a girls best friend... her walk in closet.  Pull up a chair and see what we can add to this set to make it perfect for your place!

The Umbrella holder was the first item I came across, and just thought it was so fun and flirty!  It was truly a riot watching me walk around holding this piece in the store... received a few different looks.  :)  (Only if I could have been that fly on the wall).

I wanted to spruce it up a bit so, I just happened to come across the contemporary lamp.  Perfect accessory with its contrasting shade to show off your new decor!  After awhile the remaining pieces fell right into my hands like putty.  All in all it's a great start to a set that speaks high fashion, and class.  I will surely update you with more items to this set, as I come across them.  If you have input or are interested in this set, please feel free to email me at

This next set are antiques, and I have not decided to take them down to the dealer yet; however, wouldn't mind finding a few more items to mix in with them, before doing so to get the best deal.  I really enjoy these types of items, and find them very often.  I actually have items similar mixed into my 50s-70s decor, and find them to be very enlightening.

Both pieces are in great working order.  The alarm clock is electric, and is encased in a marble rectangle, perfect for a dresser, buffet, or desk.  The lamp is great as well, and fits anywhere on a raised surface without taking away from visual space.

Again, great pieces!  Don't be bashful, if you have any suggestions on items you would like to see, email me.

I want to take a step back here.  I have a collection of accessories that I am keeping around for when that perfect set does come my way.  As you can see through the next image I have placed some interesting items.  Rest assured, I have many more where these came from.  Please note, items tend to move from one design to another as you develop.  Some of the best designs take time; especially, when you are hunting through consignment, thrift, and estates for products.  These next items I like to call my fillers.. and in a way, inspiration.  They give me great color choices, and options to work with.  It's always good to have a few extra items lying around to change things up.  I always like to put together a little something that everyone gathers around, and asks, "What made you come up with this?"  But remember nothing is ever stuck in one place.

I really find that my hunts are limitless, as long as my imagination continues to flow.

I hope you enjoyed this posting, and the information that came out of it.  I look forward to working with you in the future, when you send me out on your Decor Hunt.