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Challenge of the Hunt...

Our mission this weekend was to find a set of serving dishes, to garnish with a decent amount of food.  Our thanks to the client who presented us with their inspiration piece, a pillow.  This allowed us to locate and confront this challenge head on.  So again, many thanks! With full permission granted by our client, we would like to share with you the Decor Hunt details.  The clients original message is as follows...

"These are the blues I meant... FYI in case you see anything.  Just any kind of serving or party food trays.  We serve a lot of food at once when we do parties.  My serving dishes now don't look very good."

As you can see, this presented a slight challenge; however, with a little bit of creativity, and ingenuity, we were able to locate the right items and please the client with our selections.

You can see here to the left we were able to find these great serving plates, perfect for your seafood, other garnishments, and/or even a candle lit center piece.  The blue plates include all the colors of the pillow with a rustic rim that fades from dark brown to tan.  The table runner was a perfect fit for this layout, leaving plenty of room on either side for more serving dishes.  This was a tough find, but again, with a little ingenuity it all came together in the end.

Now we still had to tackle the objective, our client serves a lot of food.  These three small plates are not fit for any large party, and we don't want to disappoint our client.  So we continued to hunt for a more practical serving platter, that would flow with our inspiring pieces


After a little searching we were able to locate the final two pieces that would conclude this Decor Hunt.

These two serving platters fell prey to our hunt, to finalize the garnishment platters.  With both of these placed on either side of our ceramic plate selection, we are able to fulfill our clients needs for a setting that is sure to feed any size crowd as well be appealing to the eye.  Perfect for your veggies and dips, these two serving platters will be sure not to hold up the line.

Our client was thrilled with our finds, and we are sure you will be too.  If you wish to send us on the hunt, feel free to contact us at

We hope to hear from you soon!