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Undeveloped Potential...

We love excitement, and thought that these pieces brought it!  Many of our finds have yet to be presented, but we wanted to share with you some of our undeveloped potential.

To the left you can see a few of the great products we are circulating through to establish the perfect collection to present to you.  Each item has its own unique characteristics, that are sure to be an eye pleasing moment for your decor.

The ottoman, made of banana fibers is a great conversation piece for any room, and adds its own level of contrast.  Originally this piece came from IKEA, but has now fell prey to our Decor Hunt at a price that will be unmatched.

The wall mounted candelabra has its own architectural symmetry, and will display proudly five candle sticks or battery operated T-lights for illumination.  T-Lite candles used to illuminate the curved steel openings is one of our recommendations to accent its beautiful craftsmanship.  It was hand crafted by "Lohars" authentic Blacksmiths from Northern Inda, using the traditional hammer & anvil technique.  Suggested retail reads $28, but with our Decor Hunt techniques, you will surely get it for a steal!

The vintage "Shawnee 1402" green bud vase is from the Elegance Collection, and is an antique from the Art Deco Era, known more for its abstract designs and curvilinear lines.  this vase has its unique characteristics with individual dark green lines from  bottom to top.  It stands 10 3/4" tall and is flawless with its glossy glaze.

Now the plate, we have found this piece to be extremely unique.  We almost considered it an ashtray, but after further investigation discovered it is a mid-century piece from Wade Pottery, established in Southern California.  The characteristics of the glazing are striking with bold oranges, browns, yellows, reds, and greens swirling to the center of the dish.  We have found that this piece is quite rare in our searches through the colors it displays.  Other dishes from Wade, just did not compare, nor did the price.

We hope you enjoyed this little update that we brought you today.  These are some of the unique pieces we plan to add to our collections, and hope you enjoy what is to come.

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Regards & Happy Hunting,