Interior & Exterior Solutions That Fit!

Mixing it up...

Mixture is never a bad thing.  A little modern, with a dash of 50’s, 60's & 70’s, and a cup of 30’s accents, it’s the perfect combination, strategically placed however.  With a blast from the past, your inner character is sure to “POP”!  It creates a nice flow for today, and takes us all back to the good old days of care free, and extraordinary class.  Take a look to see for yourself… and watch this set grow over time with new items introduced.  

Turner Mid-Century Shadow Box with Mirror - $35

1970’s General Electric marble alarm clock - $10

1970’s Clear lamp and shade - $15

Entire Set $45

Savings of $15

Why use our services?

During the design of an interior sometimes you run into roadblocks, and do not know where to move forward. You try, and at some point find out it will only take the perfect abstract piece to bring it together.  That is where we come in!  We are your extra pair of eyes seeking that piece!  We don’t charge you an arm and leg to get it, but just a fraction more than we find it for, and surely much less than you ever can!  We are already out shopping, and find amazing pieces every day at extraordinary prices!   Most of the time we need the perfect home to purchase for, so we want your inspiration, to provide these décor items satisfaction of their existence.

It can be costly to hire a designer / decorator, and most likely they have a catalogue that every other high end designer shops from.  We don’t charge you several design fees, and make you sign lengthy contracts, just a healthy set of eyes of our network of personal shoppers, decorators, buyers, and dealers will already know what you are looking for, and the price you are seeking.  Your submission is free, and we shop for you and hundreds of others as we hunt collections and Décor items that match your needs, and taste.

We encourage you to give us a try, upload your inspiration and tell us what you are looking for.  We are not guaranteed to find it, but if we do, we will present you, at the right price, and most importantly with no obligation to buy. 

We re-purpose furnishing and accessories to bring you a beautiful attraction to your rental, home, estate, or business.  Our motto is “it never hurts to ask”!  Tell us what you are seeking and we will show you what we find.