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The Progressive Garden - The Origins (Series)

It was moving time. I remember the rain specifically and recall coming across this little patch of over grown weeds and mixture of cement, stones and fish tank rocks.  I turned and looked at my Mother and reluctantly said, "I can do something with this."  Now mind you she didn't disagree, as she knows me best, sometimes better than myself.  She just nodded her head, and started snapping the photos.  Oh how I love that woman, she provides me true support.  The landlord kind of just sauntered away, while we focused our attention to this "disaster patch" it seems for a really long time.  Recalling that day now, she must have thought we were crazy - but as time moved on, and each little project started sprouting in this wasteland, she quickly was eager to take a ride through to see the improvements done to her property.  Soon enough, she was showcasing the space, which is hidden from sight of the other eight units, and only exposed to the Church parking lot it sits adjacent to.  She now closes her tour of the property with the laundry room which sits just beyond this exterior wall encouraging each prospective tenant to take a look at the work I put forth - closing each rental unit faster, and keeping her complex full capacity.  Which is big stepping stones from the descendant complex I remember on my moving day, as only three units were rented for the first year I lived here. Now did I know what I was going to do with this great little space?  Well, not exactly.  It was not until my Brother had bought his first home and I went to visit him in South Carolina, that I was afforded my inspiration.  You see these poles, well they were placed next to his walk way.  That is exactly what they were, just random poles with the overgrown weeds towering them due to the lack of lawn care of the foreclosed home he just purchased. He planned on discarding them, and of course, me being the product of my mother I said, "Wait a minute.  I want you to bore a hole into each pole, so I can place rope through them for a fence in my garden."  he looked as if I was crazy.  (Not the first person to do so, and surely not the last by any means.)  It just so happened he had this old marine rope laying in the bed of his pickup truck.  Perfectly free inspiration has always been the best practice of mine.  I love working with objects that others see as garbage.  It tends to always be a win - win situation.  They get rid of the product they no longer need, and I get a fabulous new toy to play with.  Now I do remember after he finished drilling the holes, he turned and looked at me and said, "I think I might want to keep these now."  LOL - I refused, obviously!  :)

Now the trouble that I ran into with this, is that about two feet from the edge of the curb and into my garden is black top from the adjacent church parking lot.  This was something that I was just going to have to settle with, and work around.  It really took quite a bit of my square footage from my garden, but as you can see here, it also allowed me to add some much needed "color pop".  With this completed I was able to better judge the space planning of my newly cleaned up space.  As you notice, to the back left side of the image, all the plants are removed, and the area is mostly cleaned up with all the branches trimmed from the Palms.  This really opened up the area and all the ideas began pouring in.  This simple free project provided me with a guide to ultimately create the perfect little garden. I really hope you have enjoyed reading this post, and if you are interested in watching this space develop with tips, tricks and ideas for your very own personal use, please stay tuned.  I'm following along the progression of the garden to the finished project, which is a striking surprise not only to me, but my neighbors, landlord and complete strangers.  Stay tuned as the next steps to this "Progressive Garden" will follow within 24 to 48 hours.

To Be Continued...