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Beauty of Fond Memories! (Part 1 of Series)

I'm sitting here a little bewildered with all that's going on around me.  I've opened up my photo box, albums and gathered my digital images to just reflect on fond memories.  It's nice to take a step back and look at the great times in life, and how they all add up to this very day.  I want to show some great inspirations, and bring everyone to a happy place, from concept to completion.  These are beautiful fond memories I have shared with my family working throughout the years.  Please stay tuned for this weeks posts, as you'll find great inspiration through bonding, respect and simply love. When I graduated college and my brother joined the Marines, I moved home to work closely with my Father & Mother rebuilding life after the past market crash.  It nearly destroyed everything around me - My place of Business, friends, family and neighbors - Everyone was effected one way or another.  However, the memories I have, I would never give up for the world.  I've learned a great deal throughout the years, mostly being so close to my Mother & Father.  I was able to work by both of my parents side, as I've done for so many years in the past, but this time was different.  I think we re-discovered one anther and our bond is now stronger than ever because of that.  So I dedicate this week to both of my dear parents, who have given up so much just to simply love and teach their children.

Life was much different in Ohio, we did not have the strict building codes that we have here in Florida, for obvious reasons.  You can see here, that I used to complete construction sets and material lists to present to the Building Departments - With the close help of my Father, we created work by providing these drawings for Builders then building the decks, or other exterior fixtures.  Below is my favorite project that I was able to work closely with my Father on. This elevation shows beneath and above ground structural elements to hold this deck sturdy and sound.

Here is a drawing of the Birds Eye View, (Plan View). The bottom lines are the house perimeter, stretching left to right.  These drawings depict the foundation, and necessities to be approved for such a compilation, and prove visually important to meet specific guidelines.  Each element is as extremely important to the next for a sturdy structure.

Below is the finished product, an exact replica of the drawings which measures 3/8" scale. You can see all the fine details of this drawing, something my Father is so meticulous with - He provides superior construction in the most perfected way.  For him, I am forever grateful!

Thank you for viewing my page, and allowing me to share great moments throughout my life with beautiful designs.  Please stay tuned as I present more wonderful memories this week.

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