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Beauty of Fond Memories! (Part 2 of Series)

One person that I am forever grateful for is my Mother.  She has always supported her children, and has always put us first on the highest pedestal possible.  Every Mother's Day I would build my Mother something, if it were a wishing well, arbor, trellis or even a macaroni necklace.  She would appreciate each gift the same.  Just the simple fact of the thought put into it, and especially that it was hand made by her child. A few years back my Mother was visiting my Brother in Hawaii over the Mother's Day Holiday.  I wanted to surprise her upon her return so I gathered my thoughts, grabbed hold of my drafting tools and went to work.  I designed an arbor and a matching trellis to surprise her.  I must say she was definitely surprised, as a simple card would have put a smile on her face.  Below are the two drafting drawings I created before completing the projects


Now I was able to complete both projects for her, and set them up nicely in her gardens.  They were nicely displayed, so nice many people wanted to purchase them.  I was determined to keep them for my Mother however.  Many of the items we have built her in the past turned into products that were sold to consumers, but not these. :)   These are a one of a kind special for my Mother and were not to be sold.  Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of the Trellis to share with you, as I have lost the image file, but I do have an Arbor picture to share, and some other great products.  Another day, I will locate that picture to share with you, as it might be one of my favorite items I build for my Mother.

My Father built his first Adirondack Chairs designed around my mother, but never considered the idea of side tables.  This is where I came up with a great concept for a side table with the serving tray lid that was detachable.  You can see here that this multifunctional set was a hit, and we sold many with great reviews for its sturdy construction, and comfy feel.  I must say that we would relax in these chairs for many hours.  They were specifically designed around my mother, who had seven back surgery's, and was still able to comfortably sit and relax, as well get in and out of without the help of others.

You can see here the matching side table up close, with a magazine rack and serving tray, making this into a three piece luxury set.

We hope you enjoyed these small products displayed above, and inspired you to create something great for your Mother this next Mother's Day!