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The Riddle of Scrap Metal!

What do a metal 1930's microphone base, old drive shaft pole, and a metal shade have in common? Nothing in particular actually, unless I get my grasp on them.  When I was clearing out my garden,

Industrial Design Accessory I found this old drive shaft laying under the tree stump.  I thought it was really cool of course, so it was definitely not going to the scrap yard.  I just had to hang onto it until I could figure out a use for it.  I then came across this old 1930's microphone base at a local merchant.  Again, I could have received more money for the weight of the metal than I paid for it, but it was very unique and had further plans.  A few Months later, my best friend in Ohio was yard sale shopping and came across this beautiful metal lamp shade.  I now had three very unique pieces that most likely could never be matched together again.

The construction of these pieces may be a little tricky, but let's see what I come up with.  Definitely looking forward to have these three items designed into a one of a kind accessory for the home.