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Throughout the past two weeks, we have been discovering new unique decor items by searching high and low.  Many of our followers may have noticed postings through our Twitter Feed, Facebook Pages, and other social media links; such as Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.  I might have missed a few.  Social media can surely take over your life, but if you have any of the noted media outlets, I definitely encourage you to select the links I provided you to follow along, and not miss the next deal! I want to share with you my growing desire to find the right products, at prices that are unbeatable.  I have briefly touched base about my eBay Store and want to bring you an exclusive look at the fantastic finds that I have been locating.  This may help encourage you to send me out looking for that specific piece, or something that is missing - if you're just looking for some insight. It should not matter if you are a Collector, Designer, or simply looking for a gift.  Although, we cannot guarantee that we will find a specific piece, we can guarantee we will find a nice alternative eventually, and our goal is sooner rather than later.  Time has no limits - the more information we have, the better the chance you are to have that desired decor item, and more.  We only charge a fraction of the cost of the item, at 25% above the purchase price - only when requested to go on the Hunt!  Send your requests and images to

Now I want to share with you some amazing and extraordinary finds this past weekend.  Please take a look, and view them on our eBay Store for your bidding.

Vintage Pioneer Stereo Amplifier SX-3700 (Mid-Century) 

Vintage Reproduction of a Brot-Max German Bread Slicer

Vintage Reproduction of a Brot-Max German Bread Slicer

Vintage Reproduction of a Brot-Max German Bread Slicer

Retro Style, Bubble Glass and Metal Vase

Retro Style, Bubble Glass and Metal Vase

These are just three of the extraordinary finds we discovered, and the others have been posted to our eBay Store.  Please check it out, and remember our prices are much less when you send us out on the Hunt!

Remember to snap those photos and tell us what you are looking for phenomenal pricing that can't be beat!  Let us help decorate a niche, room or even home by finding amazing pieces that add character!  Send all inquiries to

Decor Hunt - psst... Your'e already here! :)