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An Eye To Shop Outside The Box

Earlier yesterday, I shared a few posts through my Facebook Page on an exciting set of items I discovered through a mid-day lunch attempt to find a deal!  I must confess, I FOUND A DEAL!  The preceding, as well proceeding links will provide you details of that Decor Hunt. Regardless of how I discovered these pieces, it was from our mainstream MOM & POP SHOPS, CHARITY, CONSIGNMENT and THRIFT friends - Truly it takes an eye, maybe two or three to discover amazing pieces.  For example, I only discovered unique markings on these pieces after reviewing them 3 or 4 times with close friends of mine after my original purchase.

These items; regardless, were extraordinary before my purchase as I have an inner instinct of quality handmade items.  Besides the point of the copper, and tin lining they have - I knew I was coming across a set of unique pieces.  I just did not know they were mid 1800's to early 1900's until closer examination after the purchase - just knew my $20 buy was justified at that time. Ended up to be Museum quality.

Finding these pieces truly put a spark in my desire to keep looking, for more desirable, collector pieces as I could not locate them anywhere; even online with our "NEW WORLD's" database for research and discovery.  At this point, I knew I had something truly unique and worth a pretty penny.  Valued at $150 - $300 for each piece, it is truly a remarkable Decor Hunt, even far beyond our means.

I recently took these pieces down to a local Antique Dealer, who was more than helpful in helping me appraise them.

I honestly think she was just as excited about my find as I was.  She was very helpful in my listing of the items to eBay, as well my pricing and describing the condition of the 107 year old pieces.  Yes… I did say 107 YEARS!

I am 28, turning 29 – And YES, I find these are remarkable pieces.  I confess these are beautiful in construction and uniqueness – No doubt about that.

I encourage you to follow my blog, and postings as I come across unique items all the time, and admit this might be one that is hard to beat!  For the time being, check them out on eBay, and what they sell for, to the highest bidder - even if you cannot afford them, because I know I cannot! :) However, they are totally worth the listed price and so much more!

Only after 3 hours of posting online, these pieces have exceeded my total number of views extraordinarily!  If you have the courage, and the wallet - they are priced just about right for you, and tucked safely away until that purchase is made!

This listing is WORLDWIDE ready for your viewing, and insured for your purchase!