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The Right Tool For The Job

Are you endlessly digging through drawers of clutter trying to find the right tool for the job? If so, your like so many of us out there. It's time to get organized - for the low cost of ingenuity. I hit a wall digging through my company's filing cabinet of tools, that just got buried one on top of another. JUST HAD IT WITH THAT MESS, no one has time for that! ;)

Here's the solution, pick up your car keys, go down to your local hardware store, and pick up the oldest trick in the book - peg board - YES, they still make that. :) While you are there, pick up cabinet shelves, and the necessary hooks to hang your most commonly used tools.

Take a gander at my company's new tool display neatly snug in an unused area of of their warehouse. We can now use those filing cabinets for another purpose, possible for organizing paper?! Lol ;)


Above is a snapshot before, the space was just not being used, other than stacking boxes. Now below is the better alternative that everyone can appreciate come Monday morning.


Now that I completed this little project, maybe I can talk them into some trim around that door! ;) Stay tuned to see when it happens - it will complete this fun little project to its entirety!