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Coincidence or Pure Intuition

Early Sunday morning I was preparing to leave the house, set out on a new excursion of Decor Hunts.  Before hand, I was Revere Warespeaking with my Mother regarding a Revere Ware Pots and Pans set that she had specifically discovered she owned and the value of those items.  So we researched the items together, and were quite shocked in the value of these unique quality items.  Here is a little background on them for your interests: In 1801, Paul Revere started the Revere Copper Company, which evolved into Revere Copper and Brass. Copper-clad Revere ware was one of the popular cookware products of the 1940s. Copper distributed the heat evenly, the same as cast iron. Revere ware's popularity was due to it being significantly lighter than cast iron yet just as durable. Many copper-clad pots and pans from the 1940s are still in use today.

So nothing much of an after thought, I began my Decor Hunt, of course picking up my morning coffee first - A MUST! :)  My first stop, to my surprise I discovered the first of many Revere Cookware pans that I would be locating throughout the day.  I continued through my day focusing on the Kitchenware sections of my choice locations, digging and fumbling through the clanking metals.  It took me back to my childhood when my Mother would give us pots and wooden spoons so we can beat them to death until our hearts were content.  Hey, saved her money on buying us new toys!
So after a few stops and quite a bit of noise, I was able to piece together a 6 piece Revere Ware Copper Clad Pots and PansIMG_1842 set - complete for the home cook.  I must say I am pretty proud of this hunt, the fact that these items came from different locations with the same uniqueness of their manufacturer.
It was a dangerous hunt, as I thought the elderly women at the checkout line were going to mug me in the parking lot. LOL We had great conversation on the quality of these cooking pieces - and how they wished that they had discovered them first.
Successfully I was able to complete this six piece set for a fair price.  Now, its your turn to take a closer look at this beautiful set on our eBay Store.  Feel free to place a bid while your at it.  This set comes just in time for Christmas, for a gift or your own use for that great dinner you plan on having.
I discovered many other great products yesterday and will be sure to highlight those later this week.  Those items include horse grooming tool, sporting goods, games, and yet another unique antique from early or pre 1900.
Stay tuned, as you never know what I will be coming across, or the trouble I can get myself into.
Have a wonderful week, and thank you for reading our post!