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Raise Your Glass - Stock Your Ammo

Yesterday was the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, HI.  I hope everyone took a moment to say a prayer for all the men and women that lost their lives, and that were injured from the invasion in the early morning hours on that day in history.  I could not help but to think about it, as my brother was stationed there for many years, serving the United States Military.   I surely bowed my head in prayer for all the lives that were lost, not only for that historic day, but the years of 1935 - 1945 during WWII, in which my Grandfather served. To my surprise yesterday, during my Decor Hunt, I found a couple unique pieces that had relevance to this war / time period.  I couldn't share it with you fast enough, but today want to let you take a look at these unique pieces from history.

The Holocaust brought many countries together in alliance to fight the German Occupied Territories and Nazis, to protect the equality of human kind as we know it.  So here is a toast to the alliance that forged, and the fight they endured to achieve sanctity and the security of the Jewish Men, Woman and Children:

Judaica - Kiddush Goblet - 1940, Gilt - Silver Plated by Reed & Barton

Reed and Barton Goblet

The Kiddush Goblet is used for religion practices of the Jewish community to honor Mitzvah.  It holds a specific amount of wine, and is typically silver.  After reciting Kiddush, a drink is taken, then the Kiddush goblet is passed around the table.

Reed and Barton was prominent in manufacturing for the silversmith trade and started its Company in 1824.  The company is still privately owned by the Reed family and was commissioned to complete the official Gold, Silver and Bronze Metals for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Reed and Barton company's products are used in the White House, in Washinton D.C., even today.  They remain with their original manufacturing facility in Taunton, MA - as well are available online, A long way from 1824, that's for sure, but still producing superb products.

Post WWII Ammunition Case

Now the second find I happen to come across was this unique ammunition box.  I initially IMG_1896thought this was a WWII ammunition case; however, since have been corrected that it is Post WWII, through my research - but definitely unique for a storage unit mixed into your decor.  It still holds it's relevance to my posting and would be a great piece for storing your photos, books or even your ammo!  :)

This case has a seal that is still in tack to help with moisture and dust control, to protect those precious memories & literature.

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