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On The Brighter Side of Things...

Well on the brighter side of things this week, I am going to share some lighting techniques with you. I've been collecting some nice lamps over the past couple years, and let me tell you, they definitely brighten up a room night and day. It's important to make your lighting stand out, but most of all have functionality. Think of it as a piece of art! Take a moment, look around at your lighting fixtures... ....

Now, are they really worth keeping? I know I have walked into many homes and found that most light fixtures typically match the night stands or end tables that accompany them. It's time for a change, let's get some real character in your home. Take a look at some of these great inexpensive pieces I have come across:


I found this great lantern piece for only $10! It was perfect for my client that needed some hometown, New Orleans flare!


Candles are great fillers for subtle ambiance. It's even better with the clear glass beads as they truly sparkle and light up the room adequately.


It's even better when they only cost you $5 for the set!


Floor lamps are a great feature, adding characteristic of art and sculpture, especially for $25. What a steal!

There are so many more to share... But let's take a look at the exterior capabilities of light, recently shared in a previous post of mine.


Spotlights are perfect for displaying your art, flags and more. The string lights work great as a torch effect for your palms, also including the spot lights shining through the tops of your trees creates a nice shadowy texture along your plain drab walls.

I'll share a few more technique below:

Textured walls - graze your lighting down the wall 1' or less away. This technique works great with brick walls.

Cabinets - under cabinet lighting reduces glare and helps with ambiance of a room.

Indoor plants - up lights create a nice texture against the ceiling, filling your space completely with no bright apparent light.

These are just a few techniques to keep your spark beaming bright, day or night. Whether these lights are on or off, they only add to the value of your decor. There is and endless selection to choose from, but finding the right piece takes sole and class.

Thanks for taking a gander at my post. If you are looking for some help with your lighting, feel free to send your photos and phone number to for real-time SMS messaging of fixtures we come across, specifically targeted to your unique taste. All items are listed 25% above acquired costs, plus shipping and handling.