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Decor Hunt Confessionals! (Prologue to yours truly)

This year I promised myself to become more socially personable, especially on the internet. This means pouring my heart and soul into my business, and I don't think it's too bad of an idea. So in an effort towards my satisfaction I am going to begin to bore you with the crazy thoughts that run ramped through my head, in a series I like to call Decor Hunt Confessionals. So... Here we go! Let's start from the beginning:

Hi, my name is Adam Young. I am a 29 year old, young professional. I originally grew up in Ohio, coming from the typical hard working family of four. Hmm... Typical?! :) well not quite. We definitely curve to a certain kind of quirk; Nonetheless, caring, thoughtful and hard working.


My parents still own their construction business in Northeastern Ohio, building lawn furniture, exterior structures and rough framing homes for over 28 years. I owe a debt of gratitude for this lifestyle growing up. It has provided me many different talents I am able to put to use in my very own, everyday life and business.


I recently registered my business, Decor Hunt LLC, in Dunedin, FL. It's a beautiful town, on the edge of the gulf coast, overlooking Clearwater Beach, and Caledesi Island. The thing I describe it most, is communal. It has an extraordinary community of support for the artists, crafters and alike. As well, it has an astonishing view!


This town provides me great opportunity to succeed. I look forward to my growth and all the support I receive from it. My business is under a year old, and I am focusing much of my time through social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and local marketing by word of mouth.

In addition to my business I work a full time position, as an Operations Manager for a marketing firm. This consumes the majority of my time, but any free moment I get, I dive fully into making the success of my very own career.

I am a very self driven individual. I like to look into the future and love what I see. I fear failure and strive for perfection. I keep my mind open for criticism, and truly appreciate feedback. My backbone is stronger than most, but I still have a kind heart. I know this world has great things to offer me, and I am ready to step up to the challenge!

Well, there is a brief description of the man behind the writing. I feel I saved you the gruesome details, and will have much more to share in the near future.

(Glad that's over; thought I was filling out an online dating application.) :)

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