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Decor Hunt Confessions! (GUILT - GRACE - GLORY)

I try not to get too socially engaged. I think it comes from a fear of getting sucked in. Just not a typical social butterfly here. I have a more direct personality. There are times that I will be thoroughly involved and other times completely dismissive. My blog postings will always be conduct a time-span, and my only hope is you continue to follow along for GREAT things. This year I have decided to start my Confessional Board; a series about me. My thoughts, experiences and mostly about ME.

Most inspirational artists had wandering minds, and simply left our thoughts in awe. One day I suspect I might do the same. Until that time, I plan on working diligently to achieve that notoriety.

This year I have decided wholeheartedly its the time for a change. I am diving in, biting tooth and nail to take care of myself and work hard to get this business up and running to a comfortable standard. I have recently registered it and I have my quotas. I know this takes extraordinary levels of work and determination to accomplish as well, this will take time. I'm going to give it my all and I WILL succeed!

You see, my business model is easy: I hunt, I find and you buy. (Other Design Services Are Available)

It is a very simple model to the work with. Although, I have barely given myself a down moment as I have too continuously think of new ideas, concepts and maintain all the work personally.

Tonight I was sharing a conversation with a buddy of mine regarding my ideas for marketing. In which, I still do not have business cards for or even flyers. Not one piece of actual literature that has my Companies name associated with it. I have created them though - but do not have the time to redo them to fit my new designs and layouts of this website. I have been too focused on my sites, Social Media and other misc. needs of a business to focus on these necessary marketing must haves.

I fluctuate between all areas of the business to make a cohesive unit. This all does include working a full time position as an Ops. Mgr.; sadly enough, its for a Marketing Firm and I have none of the basic marketing tools for myself. "WT..." See, I work Monday through Friday 9 AM - 6 PM, and when I land at home I am working on concepts, ideas, constructing or searching for that next great deal til 1 AM - most nights. My head swarms with thoughts and conversations - GREAT things I want to ACCOMPLISH.

It all deters me from taking the step back from the jungle and picturing the tree line. I typically try to analyze each vines growth, when I should be cutting them down one at a time.

Please understand my business did not begin overnight. It took much trial and error, dedicated research and the will to continue moving forward.

I tend to start off grand then dwindle myself back to reality, at a much more affordable approach. I am a 29 year old young professional, with an entrepreneurs spirit. I enjoy thinking BIG and I think I found a great market to provide an extraordinary service to.

However, it is time I get back to the basic essentials. Here are the things i need to expand my marketing:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures - Include: Images, Before & Afters, Concepts, Products,
  • Sell Overstock While Marketing At Flea Market
  • Social Marketing Guru Service

After I have completed the above, I might just be ready to market better offline, direct to consumers. These basic marketing materials are essential for displaying your companies image and creating a lasting impression.

For now, I am going to stop blogging about it and actually get some work done to accomplish this goal. Hopefully, next time you hear from me I will have all my basic needs in order to share more with you.

Sheesh! Get it together! :/