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Treasure Chest of Junk

I am truly bewildered by what others consider junk; however, what they see as junk i visualize as inspiration. Just know, that this mishap somehow will ALWAYS become my benefit. I have a few projects to complete in the next year; most of which, derived from this so called 'junk'. Most pieces just need a little TLC to spruce up their looks. Please know, it often adds value. It makes the wheels in my head turn faster, to think about each salvaged piece and its re-incorporation into home decor. If those wheels were not already turning fast enough, as is. :/ Take a look at some of my great salvaged home decor items and more that did not cost me a single cent:


These were some great salvaged pieces. A metal lamp shade from a garage sale, an old axel dug up in the back yard and the 1930's microphone base were all considered junk, but now will be transformed into an industrial floor lamp in 2013!


I know, we have all seen the herb garden... But see the dragonfly trinket hanging down the side? That was originally part of a wind chime that was given to me by one of my local merchants. It adds a special touch to the overall design, don't you think? I also incorporated the wind chimes casing in my garden, and apologize did not get a photo to share. These small touches can display character within your decor.


Now how can we forget about this chair?! It was included with other furnishing purchases at no additional charge. (The desk behind the image, and a bookcase) Of course it was originally covered in an unattractive, fury-fleece cloth. Please refer to my earlier post to see its transformation.


A great little stool, that no one else had use for. It's perfect for a plant or an extra boost. Again, I apologize I don't have a better picture of this. It was sold as I was unloading it from my vehicle. :/

My newest freebie is pretty unique, and yours for the right price:


A vintage lap writing desk. It's adjustable, and folds away for easy storage. A perfect find for my freebie sharing!

I got a good laugh today when my local merchant looked at me, and just shook his head. I was pulling out my wallet with full intention of spending something, but he just ushered me to the door without opening the cash register.

"A warehouse full of furnishings and decor, and this is what you come up with." He says.


"Leave it to the eye of the beholder!" I say!

Hoping you enjoyed my freebie post! I am sure you all have your very own stories of great free home decor that excites you, so feel free to share your comments below!

Oh, dear lord...

It's 2AM, and I have a furniture delivery in the morning!

You'll want to stay tuned for this one!

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