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Releasing the pressure!

Well, I finally sat down and completed some much necessary book work, balancing my budgets of my business. I am happy to report I have a few more weeks of my Decor Hunts left in me. If things continue on this trend, I will be able to share many more unique home decor items for weeks, months and years to come, like these:


This was an extraordinary find, simply by being in the right place at the right time. 3 piece cast iron Griswold dutch oven. This strangely enough has been a goal of mine to find, set only 3 weeks ago. Not to shabby for this high quality find.


It didn't stop with just the dutch oven. I was able to acquire a set of popular cast iron cupcake / muffin pans. This ongoing sale is a couple liquidating their antique shop and home in order to move north. A secret connection of mine for the time being.


Continuing through the remainder of my weekend, I picked up a few odds and ends like this vintage votive holder and Medeiros litho.


Another great decor item, is this vintage distressed mirror under $10 for resale to you.


Keeping true to the collectible kitchen and barware finds this weekend, a vintage 6 piece set of glass and stainless steel spice jars. A great set for the home chef with a dash of taste!


Just in time for game time comes this great vintage metal patriotic chip and alcohol assistant, from New York and hand painted.

There are other great finds too, and you can begin to check them out on my eBay account now. Be sure to check them out before they are gone! Surprisingly enough, I've seen items go rather quickly with more and more disappointed clients, because they did not get their bids in on time.

Well now that we have that all straightened out.. I am taking the day off, well not really but after my 9-6, I'm going to bed. It's definitely going to be lights out, for yours truly!

Everyone have a wonderful day!