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Devil Inside - Graced By Angels

Truly an interesting day... I can't decide if I'm cursed or blessed. I guess that I am going to leave that observation up to my wonderful viewers! Please be sure to let me know what you all think. No one ever likes to be crossed by a stark black cat, especially at 8:30 AM on their way to work. Yes, this is how my day started out. "Just FREAKING fantastic!"

I thought to myself, "Turn back now, and dissolve back into the comfort of my blankets!" However, I continued on with the rest of my day - off to work I went! Best of luck to me; I was determined to take my chances.

Only my day became more drab with my lunch break when my local merchant pointed out these final three numbers on my invoice.


I threw my hands up, as it didnt seem i could beat the unlucky numbers to continue on with my day with chance.

Although, nothing was as it seemed; i had an extraordinary day, with great success. Great chances they ended up being!

Let's take a look at the positives of my DRAB day, as they are sure to brighten up the future of your decor:


Who can ever deny this find of solid copper mugs, from the West Bend Aluminum Co. A classic find. These pieces are definitely worth a pretty, polished penny.


An original Pelbam oil painted piece... I encourage your research of this great artist.


I can never look at myself the same, with this find! A vintage Syroco Wood carved mirror, from Syracuse, NY.

But please, it does not stop there...


Check out these great traditional lamp shades that have endless possibilities! All of this stems from a simple 30 minute Decor Hunt, and now is available to you.

Start bidding for you favorite decor at eBay now!

Finding great decor is not picking the right piece by chance, but knowing what to look for. I have my failed pieces; as well, successes. My greatest finds come with unexpected results.


Hesitation is my greatest weakness. I almost let this piece go, but soon after my posting I had a bid. Soon after my first bid, I had 19 bids. A success, yes - but we are not done with less than three short days to go! It's always that initial first harmonized thought that I let go of, that brings me great decor, and success!!!

Continue to follow along as I have extraordinary discoveries to uncover.

Soon to come, an amazing exploration into a sea of merchants that offer endless possibilities of decor!