Interior & Exterior Solutions That Fit!

Bigger, Better and Bolder!

Another week is down and the weekend is upon us! It's time for another Decor Hunt. This week I get to share it with a side kick, and discover some great new locations! I'm heading NORTH! Well, not too far north - but definitely heading in a different direction than my usual, to uncover some more amazing home decor! I tend to sneak out during the week on my lunch breaks to see what some of my most frequented and favorite merchants have to offer me, as their inventory constantly changes day to day, and prices are just simply unbeatable! Lets take a look what you can start bidding on from these most recent finds while you are waiting for my next great discoveries.


A beautiful cherry colored curio wall shelf with drawers could be that perfect solution in your kitchens decor! This already seems to be a popular item with several watchers, for only being listed 24 short hours. I would have displayed it more properly if I had a wall big enough in my "shoe box"! ;)


Two is definitely better than one! Check out this vintage pair of brass and metal candlesticks before they are gone. A perfect set for your study or proudly representing character on the mantle!


A must have in every home is a good quality cedar storage chest - better yet a Tennessee Red Cedar chest / trunk from the quality Roos Line of 1916 - 1951. It still has its original price tag of $3.95. Not so fast, remember that word called... Inflation! ;)


Every once in awhile I have to spoil myself! What better way to do it than this original vintage oil painting. I promise to have more information to come as I have much research ahead of me to decipher the signature and stamps of this detailed piece. I could never figure out how an artist can draw and paint so beautifully with so much detail, and when it comes down to reading the signature... well, hmm? I am just baffled.

These $5 finds always seem to hold a special place in my own decor. It also seems to be a favorite of my Instagram and Facebook followers.

Well, wish us luck as we are heading out early this morning to discover if the North can beat the South once again, this time in Decor Hunts history.

Happy Bidding!