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The South Wins... This time!

The North may have lost this round, but they definitely left me with some lasting memories! Let's not forget about my sidekick, who may never forget this experience, EVER! I am going to say this Decor Hunt was for the monkeys, literally!


Not totally, but we did discover the most adorable one! Small, but the biggest heart. It definitely brings tears to my eyes to keep this sweetheart locked up in a cage. I was able to feed him. As he ate the marshmallow that he ever so gently grabbed from me, my heart melted looking into those innocent beady eyes of his. :( He so deserves to be free from any bars. I will continue to cry a tear for this sweet things freedom. I think we connected in a special way. ;)

Moving forward, we visited about seven different retailers, and spent about 5 hours of drive time before we came across the most extraordinary discovery of unique quality home decor. Almost a complete failure, but not quite! Take a look at some of the great items and decor steals deals we uncovered yesterday!


I have been determined to find this great family game since my first successful discovery and sale in late November. (A Collectors Item) It was a sign for great merchandise to be uncovered.


I got an amazing deal on this vintage avocado floor lamp, with three adjustable shades. The best part about it is, that I get to pass the deal onto you!


Check out this heavy duty 1940's General Electric mixer. Your vintage kitchen is screaming for this quality beehive design! It's in great working condition, but does require a little bit of maintenance, due to it being in storage for quite some time.

Check out all the great finds from this weekend, now listed on eBay!

Please note, the monkey is not for sale!