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Decor Hunt Sale!

Hey... Just catching up here! I feel like I've been around the world and back - literally! There will be more on that later. Right now, I want to share my home decor sale. I have been picking up quite a few things in my travels - so check it all out here, but believe me there is much more to come! Definitely stay tuned for even greater things coming up! I am always inspired by my brother, and visiting him brought more great inspiration to the garden, as it's beginning to re-develop. Let's not forget the 'business' trip to Vegas! I surely have some great stories to tell... But for now, it's all strictly business. Check out some of my great, stockpiled decor for sale now! Much more to follow!



Even more great decor and designs coming up, so please stay tuned...




I don't think my 'Grinding Through Decor' campaign really is going to take off - so going to 86 that. Sorry - another time for that awe-striking decor! :( Promise to work on it. As well, bring you other great items as my travels continue.

Welcome to my new followers this week!