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Decor Hunt Confessional - 'Tripping'

Well, I kinda figured it would be a catchy title. My tripping confessional is all about my recent travels for business and leisure, and you will see much more to come. Recently my brother was relocated through the United States Marine Corp., and I traveled a short-few hours to see him off as well my wonderful, amazing sister-in-law. May every blessing come their way! I was also blessed with my parents traveling from Ohio at the same time!

I always enjoy visiting my brother, as it ignites the sparks of creativity between us. I especially enjoyed collaborating ideas back and forth renovating his three bedroom home, turning it into a beautiful income property. His talents are unbelievable, as well versatile. I can truly say I look up to his quality workmanship, and stellar TALENT. I mean he only has proven to be second best, nationally, for building and remodeling. (2000 - 2001) Lets just say his talents exceed most, with an IQ I'm stunned by. His laid back approach to secure a constructional flaw has proven to be amazing, and commendable by the most experienced. He sees building as a un-complex design, and knows every stroke to make - almost like a professional chess player making the perfect check-mate!

Check out some of these great views from his newly renovated rental property.


Well, it's definitely a Hansel and Gretel house... Almost makes me want to bake cookies and even a pie! (Lol) I do love it, and he has done an amazing job cleaning this foreclosed, over-run home up. Checkout the new kitchen below:




How about the slider he installed in the dining room?


Amazing, right?! (Colors are so much better than the frog green that was there before - another time.) For now, we are checking out the completed - full - renovation! Living space...



Restroom salvage... (Before, I couldn't really find Nemo - but he was definitely in their somewhere - thanks for setting him free Tommy.)


I'm definitely loving his rustic look... As it continues through the original Crayola room...



Great custom built-ins, this 'Bro' didn't skip a beat! Check out the master bath, as well a COMPLETE remodel!



I just love that late 1800's Cabinet hung as a vanity - completely flawless with taste and desire of natural character. Speaking of going 'old school' check out his garden! (I think he should have been featured in the top 25 blogs for living off the land, not me... Even though I am making great attempts at it.


We are not done... Continue on!


Alright, I give up - not really - but this man is absolutely ridiculous, right?! THAT'S MY BRO! Love that man and respects everything he does!