Interior & Exterior Solutions That Fit!

The Stage is Set

The stage is set and the construction is underway. Decor Hunts growth is apparent, and I am proud to present the beginning of our hand constructed product line! Take a look and watch from the very beginning of this new venture of original and other great designs as they are following along soon. Please be sure to comment on your favorites to help me out with a bit of market research! It all begins with your basic materials for building, then expands from there - wood!


We have all seen misc. work of mine but I am now ready to share some great new items currently in production. So please stay tuned after viewing and sharing your thoughts of my first few products to be completed.



Sipping on some iced tea, reading a good book and watching the kids run around the yard just became stylish with this 'heavy-duty' bench. Worry free materials create a park-like setting in your very own back yard! This particular piece brings an extraordinary level of quality and sturdy construction.

The first of many items to come...

Stay tuned as more products are being completed as we speak!