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Bugs Can Bite My Natural Defense:

Memorial Day recently past, baseball is rounding second base and summertime is in full swing.   You can find our local beaches packed with swimmers, tanners and paddle boarders.  Our waters are bursting with wave runners and docks filled with spectators for the evening sunsets!  All of this is great, but once that sun descends on our beautiful landscape we are left with quite an itch!

Since our recent visit from Andrea and Debbie’s heavy rains last year, we were left with tons of pesky little insects that like to feed off our flesh!  This especially is noticeable during the descent of the sun and in the early evening hours.  We are not talking just about no-see-ums or your typical mosquitoes. We are actually talking about, straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, quarter sized mosquitoes poking, prodding and even penetrating through your clothing.  It seems like there is no defense against these abnormal-isms, except for iron clad!

It’s time to get out the swatters, zappers, candles, torches and DEET sprays – but how well does all of this really work and how many chemicals are we spraying, burning or even inhaling?

Yes, it is very preventative with harmful fumes; not to mention, which can be costly. Citronella fluid refills, electricity, candle replacements and the annoyance of that electrical current zapping a “juicy one” can prove to be too much!  

There has to be a better way to repel these pests away without the extra energy, effort or expenses that along go with it.

No worries, I have great news! There are natural ways to help deter these little monsters away from our picnics, patios and gathering areas for a more enjoyable time outdoors this summer!

First and foremost, remove any standing water as this is a breeding ground for the nasty blood suckers.  Seems very elementary to most but you must be vigilant if you want to enjoy the great outdoors this summer, without welting up.  Empty your water trays under your plants and refresh your bird baths weekly.  Mosquitoes love stagnant water.  Even checking your garden hoses for any leaks or drips proves to be preventative.  Make sure any holes collecting water are filled immediately! 

OK!  Now the water issue is resolved.   Think about your garden?

How functional are your plants? 

I’m sure they look great, but do they have versatile functions.  This can be a big relief, built right into your current landscapes while maintaining its integrity and beauty!

Check out some of the great plants that naturally help to repel the flying pest and their individual versatile capabilities:

Herbs – Never a better time to get that herb garden going!!!  You will find that these herbs smell great and better yet, can double in your kitchen for cooking as well interior insect control!  Enjoy fresh dried herbs; such as, lavender by placing dried leaves in satchels throughout the house to repel spiders and other insects.  What a great low maintenance home project that will pay for itself, and keep your family safe from the use of any harmful chemicals!

(And Many More)

Flowers – Time to get that edging done and flowers planted!  Line the walkways with pots of marigolds and various segments of lemon grass to deflect any approaching enemy!  Use taller plants like hibiscus in front of windows, and hanging plants like pitcher plant in trellis’s or pergolas.

(And Many More)

The use of plants is a great way to save time and money.  This will also help save you time, to have  a more safe and enjoyable outdoor environment this summer, pest free.  Please stay tuned throughout the week, and we can discuss implementing these Herbs and Flowers around your home with quick, easy tips for small spaces!  I plan to introduce some key ideas for maximizing your enjoyment of outdoors. 

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Stay bug free!

Adam Young