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Heat Relief, Sun’s Rays!


It’s blazing hot, and no escape in sight!  Close your windows and lock your doors – it’s going to be a scorcher this year!  Simply just don’t let that heat intrude on our cool refreshing environments!

Well let’s not be too dramatic but we are all scrambling to find ways to save.  If you missed the maintenance tips or natural ways to keep you cool this year that will save, be sure to click here. We have found much relief taking these simple steps to be more comfortable in my environment and relieved to see my own personal savings.

Now that we have the air conditioning working to its full potential since my previous post, there are a few interior / exterior maintenance ideas we may want to look at.  These tips will help keep all that cool air in and block the heat from penetrating our homes.  All the while maintaining a great style and comfortable living!

Interior solutions:

  • Ceiling Fans / Osculating Fans – Circulating air makes it feel cooler than it actually is. 1 – 4 degrees cooler in most cases
  • Shears – This helps line our windows with a great reflective coating, bouncing the sun’s rays back the way they came.  Use light colored shears for best results
  • Drapes – Heavy drapes will help trap the hot air from seeping in, and cool air from escaping out.
  • White Mini Blinds - Blinds or solar shades are always preventative to help the sun’s rays bounce back away from our interiors. 
  • Phillips EcoVantage Light Bulbs, Change all your light bulbs to Phillips EcoVantage, which stay cool to the touch and meet all federal energy efficiency guidelines.
  • Unplug Appliances – Electrical appliances or units continue to produce heat when they are plugged in and left on, be sure to unplug or disconnect the flow of electricity to these items to reduce the amount of heat they continuously radiate.  Power strips are a great resolution for these heat producers.
  • Insulation - Well insulated ceilings help keep the daunting sun’s rays from penetrating our rooftops.

Outdoor Solutions:

  • Deciduous Plants - Line the exterior of your home with deciduous plants that will naturally absorb the heat.
  • Tree Canopy Shade - Heavy shaded trees covering our rooftops, will of course keep our homes cooler blocking any direct sunlight.
  • Grilling Outdoors.  Cooking outdoors keeps those hot surfaces from heating our interiors. Spicy foods help our body’s sweat keeping us cooler.  Otherwise, eat cold meals to best keep our internal temperatures down without heating up our electric bills.
  • Shaded Air Conditioning Unit – Shade covering your unit will help the amount of electricity it uses, but be sure not to block airflow and follow the simple maintenance tips previously provided.
  • South And West End – Making sure that any uncovered rock or asphalt is shaded to these areas of the home.  This will help benefit your cooler nights after the sun has set.
  • Fireplace Damper – Make sure this is closed tightly.
  • Caulking / Weather Stripping – Inspect your home to ensure all cracks and crevices are tightly sealed up, especially around air conditioning ducts, dryer ducts, windows and doors.

We hope that you can find great relief from the summer heat this year without paying outrageous prices.

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