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What Services Does Décor Hunt Offer?

Besides offering great interior and exterior home décor items, Décor Hunt offers a few personalized services that are tailored to your everyday home and garden needs.

Décor Hunt is well equipped with home furnishings and accessories which you can find by visiting  If you don’t find what you are looking for, our vendor network all across the bay area is fully loaded with arsenals of home décor.  Décor Hunt’s special relationships with these select vendors helps us to provide you the best prices for your home décor needs.  We are simply an extra set of eyes looking to strike an extraordinary deal that you would have paid full price for! 

One benefit of using Décor Hunt’s service is that typically you are going to pay less for your home décor purchases than what it normally would have cost in stores, even at consignment shop prices. Take for example this bistro table set that a client was seeking.  The client’s final price was approximately 40% less than the consignment stores listed price.  What a great deal and perfect piece of furniture, saving all the leg work for Décor Hunt and keeping money in the clients pocket.  So save time and money and join the hunt!

How Does the Service Work?

  • If you know the style of furniture or the types of accessories you are seeking, send a short descriptions and inspirational images to
  • If you have an image of the space you desire to utilize the piece(s), send your photos and largest possible dimensions to  (It is always helpful to see the environment that the piece(s) will be incorporated, to achieve greater results.)
  • Be sure to also include the final purchase price you are willing to pay, a budget, and a telephone number that can receive SMS Text/Picture messaging. 
  • Once a piece is uncovered you will receive an instant text that includes the image of the item along with your final purchase price.  Simply respond, “Yes” or “No”!  Please note, items may only be offered for a limited time.  It is recommended to respond within minutes of the text.

This is a simple no pressure concept for achieving your home décor needs.  There is no obligation or contracts involved.  Allow Décor Hunt to discover your next retro, vintage, antique or gently used home décor.  There are some extraordinary items to be uncovered.  See what Décor Hunt has to offer you!

We encourage you to try Décor Hunt’s services for your next side chair, buffet, china cabinet, desk, wall art or additional accessories!  Whether you are looking for a wine rack, corkscrew, coffee table or placemat, Décor Hunt has an extended selection of home décor available.  We will continue to be your extra set of eyes to uncover that unique quality furnishing or accessory!

You can follow along on any of the social media outlets to see if Décor Hunt is a good fit for your home décor needs, saving you time and money!  Décor Hunt is always posting something fun -somewhere and everywhere! Be sure to register your email address for instant updates to news at

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Please note, this is a personalized home décor shopping service offered by Décor Hunt, LLC.  There is no guarantee or warranties.  Items are gently used and may have minimal defects but most often are in pristine condition.  Refinishing services are available upon request.  Your final cost is 25% above Décor Hunt’s purchase price, additionally any extra labor costs involved to re-finish or deliver the final home décor item.  Décor Hunts coverage area is anywhere from Hudson, south to St. Petersburg and East to Tampa.