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Discovering a variety of solutions for your home is beginning to develop seamlessly at your fingertips.  The ability to explore décor, fashions and now interior design has begun to emerge through  

Emerging through this platform is a tasteful collection of design services, fashion accessories, as well new and vintage home decor.  Now, new fashion designers or a specific era of décor through this one online portal has made the convenience of living in Zen affordable and expedient.  Décor Hunt is also uniting the latest in technology and décor to help assist in achieving your design goals, making the comfort of living just a bit more stimulating.

It is no secret that interior design and technology are converging. The growth of online sales and interior designers trained in 3D computer rendering is creating new opportunities in the field and very happy online customers. Online interior design can offer variety, inspiration, convenience, and competitive pricing in ways that traditional interior design cannot.  Decor Hunt is happy to announce our partnership with Decorilla to make these new features available to all our customers.

Decorilla is taking online shopping and decorating one step further by providing a dynamic crowd sourced interior design platform. Making interior decorating easy, fun, and affordable! In a short amount of time, you can launch an online decorating competition, receive multiple 3D design concepts from professional interior designers, a shopping list with links, and be well on your way to getting that designer space you’ll love.  Our company has been selected for their preferred brands lists, offering all Decorilla customers 15% off any of our items recommended by their designers.

Decor Hunt customers receive $50 off their first Decorilla decorating competition with a free package upgrade (worth $300) by using promo code DHUNT50 or clicking directly on this link to apply the promotion. Through exclusive discounts on the most popular decor brands, Decorilla helps customers save more money than they spend on their decorating competition!

To see how Decorilla can transform your living space, check out this completed project. Now, you can visualize your favorite Decor Hunt pieces in your home through their 3D design renderings!

Continue to imagine, explore and develop the living space you have always dreamed of through a collaboration of design and technology at

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What's New in Home Decor & Fashion?


Discover what is new at

We are always revitalizing unique vintage home décor and accessories.  They continue to be uploaded to our online collection with intentions to inspire you, as well are available for your individual acquired tastes.  Be sure to view our recently uncovered selections today to have your favorite pieces shipped directly to you.  There is an array of timeless home treasures that are updated periodically. 

New Home Decor

New Home Decor

We are excited to announce new home décor and accessories for your browsing pleasure!  You will now find a broad range of rustic, traditional and modern home décor throughout our recently updated categories.  You are encouraged to take a look at our online groupings as we continue to add new items weekly.  New home décor departments include, Furniture & Accessories, Clocks and Lighting!  Be sure to keep checking back as we continue to expand these selections with hundreds of new and exciting home fashions.

Vintage Fashions

Vintage Fashions

Not looking for décor but love fashion?  You will now be able to find vintage woman’s fashion jewelry available for your personal accessorizing needs.  We hope you are now energized to follow along with our latest endeavor, as we continue to uncover unique fashionable accessories for woman.  Feel free to browse these fashionable accessories that not only fit your personal taste but match your individual style!  All jewelry includes free shipping, making these pieces within reach!

As always, we continue to support our local communities and find the best possible value for our neighbors to save.  Find our favorite businesses through affiliated offers located on our site that are sure to benefit your home, garden and now travel needs. 

You can find Fall and upcoming Holiday savings directly by selecting the Ace Hardware links on our site.  Be sure to visit and see all the savings this trusted retailer has to offer, right on our home page!  Are you looking for holiday travel deals for you and the family?  Tap into the savings from A Private Travel.  A Private Travel consultant is at your finger tips to be sure to fit your traveling needs as well budget, with the best possible prices!  Maybe you’re looking to start your own garden?  You can find Generic Seeds to cut down your grocery expenses, saving the green for your thumb.

Whatever it may be, is here to help with all your home & garden needs!  Follow along for the latest updates of home décor and fashion accessories.

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Heat Relief, Sun’s Rays!


It’s blazing hot, and no escape in sight!  Close your windows and lock your doors – it’s going to be a scorcher this year!  Simply just don’t let that heat intrude on our cool refreshing environments!

Well let’s not be too dramatic but we are all scrambling to find ways to save.  If you missed the maintenance tips or natural ways to keep you cool this year that will save, be sure to click here. We have found much relief taking these simple steps to be more comfortable in my environment and relieved to see my own personal savings.

Now that we have the air conditioning working to its full potential since my previous post, there are a few interior / exterior maintenance ideas we may want to look at.  These tips will help keep all that cool air in and block the heat from penetrating our homes.  All the while maintaining a great style and comfortable living!

Interior solutions:

  • Ceiling Fans / Osculating Fans – Circulating air makes it feel cooler than it actually is. 1 – 4 degrees cooler in most cases
  • Shears – This helps line our windows with a great reflective coating, bouncing the sun’s rays back the way they came.  Use light colored shears for best results
  • Drapes – Heavy drapes will help trap the hot air from seeping in, and cool air from escaping out.
  • White Mini Blinds - Blinds or solar shades are always preventative to help the sun’s rays bounce back away from our interiors. 
  • Phillips EcoVantage Light Bulbs, Change all your light bulbs to Phillips EcoVantage, which stay cool to the touch and meet all federal energy efficiency guidelines.
  • Unplug Appliances – Electrical appliances or units continue to produce heat when they are plugged in and left on, be sure to unplug or disconnect the flow of electricity to these items to reduce the amount of heat they continuously radiate.  Power strips are a great resolution for these heat producers.
  • Insulation - Well insulated ceilings help keep the daunting sun’s rays from penetrating our rooftops.

Outdoor Solutions:

  • Deciduous Plants - Line the exterior of your home with deciduous plants that will naturally absorb the heat.
  • Tree Canopy Shade - Heavy shaded trees covering our rooftops, will of course keep our homes cooler blocking any direct sunlight.
  • Grilling Outdoors.  Cooking outdoors keeps those hot surfaces from heating our interiors. Spicy foods help our body’s sweat keeping us cooler.  Otherwise, eat cold meals to best keep our internal temperatures down without heating up our electric bills.
  • Shaded Air Conditioning Unit – Shade covering your unit will help the amount of electricity it uses, but be sure not to block airflow and follow the simple maintenance tips previously provided.
  • South And West End – Making sure that any uncovered rock or asphalt is shaded to these areas of the home.  This will help benefit your cooler nights after the sun has set.
  • Fireplace Damper – Make sure this is closed tightly.
  • Caulking / Weather Stripping – Inspect your home to ensure all cracks and crevices are tightly sealed up, especially around air conditioning ducts, dryer ducts, windows and doors.

We hope that you can find great relief from the summer heat this year without paying outrageous prices.

While you’re enjoying the indoors this summer, be sure to refresh your home décor with select items from  Find vintage, retro and antique home décor available now, along with other great saving tips.  We are producing great items for your landscape and interiors as well.  Follow along on our journey to be your number one source for small home projects, and improvement needs!

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Redecorate With What You Already Own

It's pretty much a lazy Sunday here. I'm doing my best to get the slightest amount of motivation. All that I know is that we just had to get rid of that fish tank and get the stereo out of the closet. It took some searching around this house to find the right pieces that would best compliment each other, but we did it.

As you can see we used the plant and the small table to balance, rather than match symmetrically. This is usually a better option than making everything appear the same on either side. This allows your decor to present more character with less effort.


Growing Decor Hunt - Beneficial Traveling!

So I've been sharing several stories lately of my travels, and you will see me refer back to them periodically - as one post cannot hold all the 'worms in a single can'. Making something out of Decor Hunt has been no easy task. It has taken years of thought, schematics and most importantly desire. Lets not forget all the inspiration, and help from friends and family along the way! It has been a true blessing for the support I receive from you all, so simply stated "Thank you!"

When visiting my family in South Carolina, I acquired a few things to help the business' growth. These things have already been proven to be useful and will continue to benefit my growth for years to come!

First of all I would like to thank my family for my turn with the S-10...



It's a great lil truck for making my business stand out and be recognized here locally, and will very soon be seen quite often, as I'm more easily able to acquire much needed building materials and furnishings. Although this truck has been knocked out and drug down the street more times than I can count - it's still family, since it's birth in 2001, and has drifted across the eastern coast from one family member to another over the years. It is now my turn again to put this truck through its retirement years in sunny Florida. It has been proven on its own to be a great marketer, as well double as a work truck.

So after spending some time with my brother and cleaning up his estate, we decided on a few things that created much needed inspiration, including the stepping stones - embellished with sea creatures for the infamous dragonfly garden.



I promise, much more to come with this new development now that I have a truck to haul my much needed ground cover. Lets not forget about signing my work with this hand carved branch that proudly displays my last name. Thanks again bro for the wonderful inspiration soon to be implemented!



So now that I have the basics covered, I need to get back on the ball with my fence design and the new owners of the property. Since my original design was submitted the old property owners sold, and now I may lose the design completely, but am in hopes that may not be the case so I can complete the amazing work already underway. Let's keep our fingers crossed as I should be reigniting this conversation shortly.



It would be a perfect natural landscape. Life always throws challenges your way, it's up to us to overcome and accomplish those challenges, and make them triumphs!

Stay tuned as I am preparing a special surprise for you all in the coming weeks of new handcrafted decor by yours truly, and the help of my new carpenter now on board! I hope to share many new wonderful things with this assembly of a talented and 'driven' team!

Go get em!

The Stage is Set

The stage is set and the construction is underway. Decor Hunts growth is apparent, and I am proud to present the beginning of our hand constructed product line! Take a look and watch from the very beginning of this new venture of original and other great designs as they are following along soon. Please be sure to comment on your favorites to help me out with a bit of market research! It all begins with your basic materials for building, then expands from there - wood!


We have all seen misc. work of mine but I am now ready to share some great new items currently in production. So please stay tuned after viewing and sharing your thoughts of my first few products to be completed.



Sipping on some iced tea, reading a good book and watching the kids run around the yard just became stylish with this 'heavy-duty' bench. Worry free materials create a park-like setting in your very own back yard! This particular piece brings an extraordinary level of quality and sturdy construction.

The first of many items to come...

Stay tuned as more products are being completed as we speak!

Decor Hunt Confessional - 'Tripping' & The Pink Forest

With a title like that you must think that I was tripping. I assure you, that definitely is not the case. Just catching up with some highlights with my trip to Las Vegas, that i recently took. There is truly a pink forest, and it is a rather mystical place. This magical place can be found by walking through the blazing slot machines, crowds of people and winding corridors that connect the two towers of the Venetian and Palazzo Hotel and Casino.


The sights are truly breathtaking upon entry with this awe-inspiring barrel vault corridor, and interpretations of the Sistine Chapel, featuring the work of Michelangelo, and continue throughout this extraordinary establishment.


After heading through the winding corridors you reach a magical oasis. Amongst the chaos this peaceful oasis provides tranquility with its constant flow of water and beauty.


Lets take a closer look at the details.



A look up...


Just an amazing place I was able to enjoy my morning cup of coffee, peacefully. Right under this beautiful tree...


Throughout this corridor featured large pink blossomed trees, and a variety of restaurants and shops.

And for some evening fun, or whatever the time you wish to quench your thirst - you can always visit the crystal cave at the opposite end of the forest for a refreshing beverage. Beautiful crystal drop lights hang from the honeycomb ceiling, creating the perfect atmosphere for a little relaxation after your journey.


If you've had enough of the country side, you can always head back to town center via water taxi.


The Venetian offered superior service, and met my expectations in every way - and then some!

I hope you enjoyed my post, and continue to follow along with my journeys to come!

Decor Hunt Confessional - 'Tripping'

Well, I kinda figured it would be a catchy title. My tripping confessional is all about my recent travels for business and leisure, and you will see much more to come. Recently my brother was relocated through the United States Marine Corp., and I traveled a short-few hours to see him off as well my wonderful, amazing sister-in-law. May every blessing come their way! I was also blessed with my parents traveling from Ohio at the same time!

I always enjoy visiting my brother, as it ignites the sparks of creativity between us. I especially enjoyed collaborating ideas back and forth renovating his three bedroom home, turning it into a beautiful income property. His talents are unbelievable, as well versatile. I can truly say I look up to his quality workmanship, and stellar TALENT. I mean he only has proven to be second best, nationally, for building and remodeling. (2000 - 2001) Lets just say his talents exceed most, with an IQ I'm stunned by. His laid back approach to secure a constructional flaw has proven to be amazing, and commendable by the most experienced. He sees building as a un-complex design, and knows every stroke to make - almost like a professional chess player making the perfect check-mate!

Check out some of these great views from his newly renovated rental property.


Well, it's definitely a Hansel and Gretel house... Almost makes me want to bake cookies and even a pie! (Lol) I do love it, and he has done an amazing job cleaning this foreclosed, over-run home up. Checkout the new kitchen below:




How about the slider he installed in the dining room?


Amazing, right?! (Colors are so much better than the frog green that was there before - another time.) For now, we are checking out the completed - full - renovation! Living space...



Restroom salvage... (Before, I couldn't really find Nemo - but he was definitely in their somewhere - thanks for setting him free Tommy.)


I'm definitely loving his rustic look... As it continues through the original Crayola room...



Great custom built-ins, this 'Bro' didn't skip a beat! Check out the master bath, as well a COMPLETE remodel!



I just love that late 1800's Cabinet hung as a vanity - completely flawless with taste and desire of natural character. Speaking of going 'old school' check out his garden! (I think he should have been featured in the top 25 blogs for living off the land, not me... Even though I am making great attempts at it.


We are not done... Continue on!


Alright, I give up - not really - but this man is absolutely ridiculous, right?! THAT'S MY BRO! Love that man and respects everything he does!

Decor Hunt Sale!

Hey... Just catching up here! I feel like I've been around the world and back - literally! There will be more on that later. Right now, I want to share my home decor sale. I have been picking up quite a few things in my travels - so check it all out here, but believe me there is much more to come! Definitely stay tuned for even greater things coming up! I am always inspired by my brother, and visiting him brought more great inspiration to the garden, as it's beginning to re-develop. Let's not forget the 'business' trip to Vegas! I surely have some great stories to tell... But for now, it's all strictly business. Check out some of my great, stockpiled decor for sale now! Much more to follow!



Even more great decor and designs coming up, so please stay tuned...




I don't think my 'Grinding Through Decor' campaign really is going to take off - so going to 86 that. Sorry - another time for that awe-striking decor! :( Promise to work on it. As well, bring you other great items as my travels continue.

Welcome to my new followers this week!

Birthday Freebie

It's my birthday and I'm going to shop, because I want to. Nothing releases stress like shopping does for me. I took the day off my day job and want to focus on my business of decor. So lets get out there and see what we can find in Decor Hunts world of decor. Here's a sneak peak of upcoming expectations, that will soon be soon offered, so stick around!


Remember, I have my sale ongoing now, with items dramatically reduced to help clear out my inventory. So you have a great opportunity to 'Buy it Now'. Take a look at some of my current top watched items. Hurry though, they may not be there forever.


Decor Hunt Marketability

A growing achievement...


Celebrating great achievement and a positive growth!

Find great, unique and quality decor here first.

Decor Hunt LLC

President's Day Sale!

20130217-173825.jpg No competitive bidding going on now!


New decor soon to follow. Please stay tuned all this week, for this stock pile of great vintage, retro and antique home decor!

The South Wins... This time!

The North may have lost this round, but they definitely left me with some lasting memories! Let's not forget about my sidekick, who may never forget this experience, EVER! I am going to say this Decor Hunt was for the monkeys, literally!


Not totally, but we did discover the most adorable one! Small, but the biggest heart. It definitely brings tears to my eyes to keep this sweetheart locked up in a cage. I was able to feed him. As he ate the marshmallow that he ever so gently grabbed from me, my heart melted looking into those innocent beady eyes of his. :( He so deserves to be free from any bars. I will continue to cry a tear for this sweet things freedom. I think we connected in a special way. ;)

Moving forward, we visited about seven different retailers, and spent about 5 hours of drive time before we came across the most extraordinary discovery of unique quality home decor. Almost a complete failure, but not quite! Take a look at some of the great items and decor steals deals we uncovered yesterday!


I have been determined to find this great family game since my first successful discovery and sale in late November. (A Collectors Item) It was a sign for great merchandise to be uncovered.


I got an amazing deal on this vintage avocado floor lamp, with three adjustable shades. The best part about it is, that I get to pass the deal onto you!


Check out this heavy duty 1940's General Electric mixer. Your vintage kitchen is screaming for this quality beehive design! It's in great working condition, but does require a little bit of maintenance, due to it being in storage for quite some time.

Check out all the great finds from this weekend, now listed on eBay!

Please note, the monkey is not for sale!

Bigger, Better and Bolder!

Another week is down and the weekend is upon us! It's time for another Decor Hunt. This week I get to share it with a side kick, and discover some great new locations! I'm heading NORTH! Well, not too far north - but definitely heading in a different direction than my usual, to uncover some more amazing home decor! I tend to sneak out during the week on my lunch breaks to see what some of my most frequented and favorite merchants have to offer me, as their inventory constantly changes day to day, and prices are just simply unbeatable! Lets take a look what you can start bidding on from these most recent finds while you are waiting for my next great discoveries.


A beautiful cherry colored curio wall shelf with drawers could be that perfect solution in your kitchens decor! This already seems to be a popular item with several watchers, for only being listed 24 short hours. I would have displayed it more properly if I had a wall big enough in my "shoe box"! ;)


Two is definitely better than one! Check out this vintage pair of brass and metal candlesticks before they are gone. A perfect set for your study or proudly representing character on the mantle!


A must have in every home is a good quality cedar storage chest - better yet a Tennessee Red Cedar chest / trunk from the quality Roos Line of 1916 - 1951. It still has its original price tag of $3.95. Not so fast, remember that word called... Inflation! ;)


Every once in awhile I have to spoil myself! What better way to do it than this original vintage oil painting. I promise to have more information to come as I have much research ahead of me to decipher the signature and stamps of this detailed piece. I could never figure out how an artist can draw and paint so beautifully with so much detail, and when it comes down to reading the signature... well, hmm? I am just baffled.

These $5 finds always seem to hold a special place in my own decor. It also seems to be a favorite of my Instagram and Facebook followers.

Well, wish us luck as we are heading out early this morning to discover if the North can beat the South once again, this time in Decor Hunts history.

Happy Bidding!

Decor Doesn't Come Easy

What a difficult weekend for Decor Hunt. I think the snowbirds just came in for a landing and swooped up all my great finds. Well, almost! I managed to salvage a few great pieces for you to start bidding on, by clicking here!


A beautiful frosted Libbey glassware set, with the caddy. This is a great set for the entertainer, or simply to show off your classic vintage taste by proudly serving your southern sweet tea to your guests!


I'm sure with this piece, we are bound to pull up our favorite chair, and plop those aching feet in comfort, sipping our favorite cocktails, unwinding from our hard days work.


Lets not forget about that ambiance. A nicely mood lit room will be most helpful, especially with this wood, glass and lead candle holder.


If all else fails, lets just enjoy our favorite glass of wine. The perfect mood enhancer, all proudly displayed in this handcrafted 11 bottle holder. Perfect for the wine lover with Devine taste for an array of flavors.

I know what my favorite piece is, what's yours?

I showed them snowbirds up! Ha!


Devil Inside - Graced By Angels

Truly an interesting day... I can't decide if I'm cursed or blessed. I guess that I am going to leave that observation up to my wonderful viewers! Please be sure to let me know what you all think. No one ever likes to be crossed by a stark black cat, especially at 8:30 AM on their way to work. Yes, this is how my day started out. "Just FREAKING fantastic!"

I thought to myself, "Turn back now, and dissolve back into the comfort of my blankets!" However, I continued on with the rest of my day - off to work I went! Best of luck to me; I was determined to take my chances.

Only my day became more drab with my lunch break when my local merchant pointed out these final three numbers on my invoice.


I threw my hands up, as it didnt seem i could beat the unlucky numbers to continue on with my day with chance.

Although, nothing was as it seemed; i had an extraordinary day, with great success. Great chances they ended up being!

Let's take a look at the positives of my DRAB day, as they are sure to brighten up the future of your decor:


Who can ever deny this find of solid copper mugs, from the West Bend Aluminum Co. A classic find. These pieces are definitely worth a pretty, polished penny.


An original Pelbam oil painted piece... I encourage your research of this great artist.


I can never look at myself the same, with this find! A vintage Syroco Wood carved mirror, from Syracuse, NY.

But please, it does not stop there...


Check out these great traditional lamp shades that have endless possibilities! All of this stems from a simple 30 minute Decor Hunt, and now is available to you.

Start bidding for you favorite decor at eBay now!

Finding great decor is not picking the right piece by chance, but knowing what to look for. I have my failed pieces; as well, successes. My greatest finds come with unexpected results.


Hesitation is my greatest weakness. I almost let this piece go, but soon after my posting I had a bid. Soon after my first bid, I had 19 bids. A success, yes - but we are not done with less than three short days to go! It's always that initial first harmonized thought that I let go of, that brings me great decor, and success!!!

Continue to follow along as I have extraordinary discoveries to uncover.

Soon to come, an amazing exploration into a sea of merchants that offer endless possibilities of decor!


Releasing the pressure!

Well, I finally sat down and completed some much necessary book work, balancing my budgets of my business. I am happy to report I have a few more weeks of my Decor Hunts left in me. If things continue on this trend, I will be able to share many more unique home decor items for weeks, months and years to come, like these:


This was an extraordinary find, simply by being in the right place at the right time. 3 piece cast iron Griswold dutch oven. This strangely enough has been a goal of mine to find, set only 3 weeks ago. Not to shabby for this high quality find.


It didn't stop with just the dutch oven. I was able to acquire a set of popular cast iron cupcake / muffin pans. This ongoing sale is a couple liquidating their antique shop and home in order to move north. A secret connection of mine for the time being.


Continuing through the remainder of my weekend, I picked up a few odds and ends like this vintage votive holder and Medeiros litho.


Another great decor item, is this vintage distressed mirror under $10 for resale to you.


Keeping true to the collectible kitchen and barware finds this weekend, a vintage 6 piece set of glass and stainless steel spice jars. A great set for the home chef with a dash of taste!


Just in time for game time comes this great vintage metal patriotic chip and alcohol assistant, from New York and hand painted.

There are other great finds too, and you can begin to check them out on my eBay account now. Be sure to check them out before they are gone! Surprisingly enough, I've seen items go rather quickly with more and more disappointed clients, because they did not get their bids in on time.

Well now that we have that all straightened out.. I am taking the day off, well not really but after my 9-6, I'm going to bed. It's definitely going to be lights out, for yours truly!

Everyone have a wonderful day!


The Bells Are Ringing!

The gates are open, and the crowd is cheering! Take a look at the newest class of Decor Hunt, and for sale to you!


A beautiful vintage glass decanter and wine glass set. With bidding starting at $29.95, this ones a grand slam!


Amber toned glass candlestick holders. These great glass pieces start at $5.45. Perfect fillers for slim areas or even suitable bookends!


Who remembers the 'flower power' leather ottomans from the 70s? I surely don't, but it's yours starting at $9.95!

Off to a great start this weekend, and it's only Friday night!

Stay tuned for other great finds this upcoming weekend!


Treasure Chest of Junk

I am truly bewildered by what others consider junk; however, what they see as junk i visualize as inspiration. Just know, that this mishap somehow will ALWAYS become my benefit. I have a few projects to complete in the next year; most of which, derived from this so called 'junk'. Most pieces just need a little TLC to spruce up their looks. Please know, it often adds value. It makes the wheels in my head turn faster, to think about each salvaged piece and its re-incorporation into home decor. If those wheels were not already turning fast enough, as is. :/ Take a look at some of my great salvaged home decor items and more that did not cost me a single cent:


These were some great salvaged pieces. A metal lamp shade from a garage sale, an old axel dug up in the back yard and the 1930's microphone base were all considered junk, but now will be transformed into an industrial floor lamp in 2013!


I know, we have all seen the herb garden... But see the dragonfly trinket hanging down the side? That was originally part of a wind chime that was given to me by one of my local merchants. It adds a special touch to the overall design, don't you think? I also incorporated the wind chimes casing in my garden, and apologize did not get a photo to share. These small touches can display character within your decor.


Now how can we forget about this chair?! It was included with other furnishing purchases at no additional charge. (The desk behind the image, and a bookcase) Of course it was originally covered in an unattractive, fury-fleece cloth. Please refer to my earlier post to see its transformation.


A great little stool, that no one else had use for. It's perfect for a plant or an extra boost. Again, I apologize I don't have a better picture of this. It was sold as I was unloading it from my vehicle. :/

My newest freebie is pretty unique, and yours for the right price:


A vintage lap writing desk. It's adjustable, and folds away for easy storage. A perfect find for my freebie sharing!

I got a good laugh today when my local merchant looked at me, and just shook his head. I was pulling out my wallet with full intention of spending something, but he just ushered me to the door without opening the cash register.

"A warehouse full of furnishings and decor, and this is what you come up with." He says.


"Leave it to the eye of the beholder!" I say!

Hoping you enjoyed my freebie post! I am sure you all have your very own stories of great free home decor that excites you, so feel free to share your comments below!

Oh, dear lord...

It's 2AM, and I have a furniture delivery in the morning!

You'll want to stay tuned for this one!

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OK, now 3 AM...