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President's Day Sale!

20130217-173825.jpg No competitive bidding going on now!


New decor soon to follow. Please stay tuned all this week, for this stock pile of great vintage, retro and antique home decor!

The South Wins... This time!

The North may have lost this round, but they definitely left me with some lasting memories! Let's not forget about my sidekick, who may never forget this experience, EVER! I am going to say this Decor Hunt was for the monkeys, literally!


Not totally, but we did discover the most adorable one! Small, but the biggest heart. It definitely brings tears to my eyes to keep this sweetheart locked up in a cage. I was able to feed him. As he ate the marshmallow that he ever so gently grabbed from me, my heart melted looking into those innocent beady eyes of his. :( He so deserves to be free from any bars. I will continue to cry a tear for this sweet things freedom. I think we connected in a special way. ;)

Moving forward, we visited about seven different retailers, and spent about 5 hours of drive time before we came across the most extraordinary discovery of unique quality home decor. Almost a complete failure, but not quite! Take a look at some of the great items and decor steals deals we uncovered yesterday!


I have been determined to find this great family game since my first successful discovery and sale in late November. (A Collectors Item) It was a sign for great merchandise to be uncovered.


I got an amazing deal on this vintage avocado floor lamp, with three adjustable shades. The best part about it is, that I get to pass the deal onto you!


Check out this heavy duty 1940's General Electric mixer. Your vintage kitchen is screaming for this quality beehive design! It's in great working condition, but does require a little bit of maintenance, due to it being in storage for quite some time.

Check out all the great finds from this weekend, now listed on eBay!

Please note, the monkey is not for sale!

Bigger, Better and Bolder!

Another week is down and the weekend is upon us! It's time for another Decor Hunt. This week I get to share it with a side kick, and discover some great new locations! I'm heading NORTH! Well, not too far north - but definitely heading in a different direction than my usual, to uncover some more amazing home decor! I tend to sneak out during the week on my lunch breaks to see what some of my most frequented and favorite merchants have to offer me, as their inventory constantly changes day to day, and prices are just simply unbeatable! Lets take a look what you can start bidding on from these most recent finds while you are waiting for my next great discoveries.


A beautiful cherry colored curio wall shelf with drawers could be that perfect solution in your kitchens decor! This already seems to be a popular item with several watchers, for only being listed 24 short hours. I would have displayed it more properly if I had a wall big enough in my "shoe box"! ;)


Two is definitely better than one! Check out this vintage pair of brass and metal candlesticks before they are gone. A perfect set for your study or proudly representing character on the mantle!


A must have in every home is a good quality cedar storage chest - better yet a Tennessee Red Cedar chest / trunk from the quality Roos Line of 1916 - 1951. It still has its original price tag of $3.95. Not so fast, remember that word called... Inflation! ;)


Every once in awhile I have to spoil myself! What better way to do it than this original vintage oil painting. I promise to have more information to come as I have much research ahead of me to decipher the signature and stamps of this detailed piece. I could never figure out how an artist can draw and paint so beautifully with so much detail, and when it comes down to reading the signature... well, hmm? I am just baffled.

These $5 finds always seem to hold a special place in my own decor. It also seems to be a favorite of my Instagram and Facebook followers.

Well, wish us luck as we are heading out early this morning to discover if the North can beat the South once again, this time in Decor Hunts history.

Happy Bidding!

Decor Doesn't Come Easy

What a difficult weekend for Decor Hunt. I think the snowbirds just came in for a landing and swooped up all my great finds. Well, almost! I managed to salvage a few great pieces for you to start bidding on, by clicking here!


A beautiful frosted Libbey glassware set, with the caddy. This is a great set for the entertainer, or simply to show off your classic vintage taste by proudly serving your southern sweet tea to your guests!


I'm sure with this piece, we are bound to pull up our favorite chair, and plop those aching feet in comfort, sipping our favorite cocktails, unwinding from our hard days work.


Lets not forget about that ambiance. A nicely mood lit room will be most helpful, especially with this wood, glass and lead candle holder.


If all else fails, lets just enjoy our favorite glass of wine. The perfect mood enhancer, all proudly displayed in this handcrafted 11 bottle holder. Perfect for the wine lover with Devine taste for an array of flavors.

I know what my favorite piece is, what's yours?

I showed them snowbirds up! Ha!


Devil Inside - Graced By Angels

Truly an interesting day... I can't decide if I'm cursed or blessed. I guess that I am going to leave that observation up to my wonderful viewers! Please be sure to let me know what you all think. No one ever likes to be crossed by a stark black cat, especially at 8:30 AM on their way to work. Yes, this is how my day started out. "Just FREAKING fantastic!"

I thought to myself, "Turn back now, and dissolve back into the comfort of my blankets!" However, I continued on with the rest of my day - off to work I went! Best of luck to me; I was determined to take my chances.

Only my day became more drab with my lunch break when my local merchant pointed out these final three numbers on my invoice.


I threw my hands up, as it didnt seem i could beat the unlucky numbers to continue on with my day with chance.

Although, nothing was as it seemed; i had an extraordinary day, with great success. Great chances they ended up being!

Let's take a look at the positives of my DRAB day, as they are sure to brighten up the future of your decor:


Who can ever deny this find of solid copper mugs, from the West Bend Aluminum Co. A classic find. These pieces are definitely worth a pretty, polished penny.


An original Pelbam oil painted piece... I encourage your research of this great artist.


I can never look at myself the same, with this find! A vintage Syroco Wood carved mirror, from Syracuse, NY.

But please, it does not stop there...


Check out these great traditional lamp shades that have endless possibilities! All of this stems from a simple 30 minute Decor Hunt, and now is available to you.

Start bidding for you favorite decor at eBay now!

Finding great decor is not picking the right piece by chance, but knowing what to look for. I have my failed pieces; as well, successes. My greatest finds come with unexpected results.


Hesitation is my greatest weakness. I almost let this piece go, but soon after my posting I had a bid. Soon after my first bid, I had 19 bids. A success, yes - but we are not done with less than three short days to go! It's always that initial first harmonized thought that I let go of, that brings me great decor, and success!!!

Continue to follow along as I have extraordinary discoveries to uncover.

Soon to come, an amazing exploration into a sea of merchants that offer endless possibilities of decor!


Releasing the pressure!

Well, I finally sat down and completed some much necessary book work, balancing my budgets of my business. I am happy to report I have a few more weeks of my Decor Hunts left in me. If things continue on this trend, I will be able to share many more unique home decor items for weeks, months and years to come, like these:


This was an extraordinary find, simply by being in the right place at the right time. 3 piece cast iron Griswold dutch oven. This strangely enough has been a goal of mine to find, set only 3 weeks ago. Not to shabby for this high quality find.


It didn't stop with just the dutch oven. I was able to acquire a set of popular cast iron cupcake / muffin pans. This ongoing sale is a couple liquidating their antique shop and home in order to move north. A secret connection of mine for the time being.


Continuing through the remainder of my weekend, I picked up a few odds and ends like this vintage votive holder and Medeiros litho.


Another great decor item, is this vintage distressed mirror under $10 for resale to you.


Keeping true to the collectible kitchen and barware finds this weekend, a vintage 6 piece set of glass and stainless steel spice jars. A great set for the home chef with a dash of taste!


Just in time for game time comes this great vintage metal patriotic chip and alcohol assistant, from New York and hand painted.

There are other great finds too, and you can begin to check them out on my eBay account now. Be sure to check them out before they are gone! Surprisingly enough, I've seen items go rather quickly with more and more disappointed clients, because they did not get their bids in on time.

Well now that we have that all straightened out.. I am taking the day off, well not really but after my 9-6, I'm going to bed. It's definitely going to be lights out, for yours truly!

Everyone have a wonderful day!


The Bells Are Ringing!

The gates are open, and the crowd is cheering! Take a look at the newest class of Decor Hunt, and for sale to you!


A beautiful vintage glass decanter and wine glass set. With bidding starting at $29.95, this ones a grand slam!


Amber toned glass candlestick holders. These great glass pieces start at $5.45. Perfect fillers for slim areas or even suitable bookends!


Who remembers the 'flower power' leather ottomans from the 70s? I surely don't, but it's yours starting at $9.95!

Off to a great start this weekend, and it's only Friday night!

Stay tuned for other great finds this upcoming weekend!


Treasure Chest of Junk

I am truly bewildered by what others consider junk; however, what they see as junk i visualize as inspiration. Just know, that this mishap somehow will ALWAYS become my benefit. I have a few projects to complete in the next year; most of which, derived from this so called 'junk'. Most pieces just need a little TLC to spruce up their looks. Please know, it often adds value. It makes the wheels in my head turn faster, to think about each salvaged piece and its re-incorporation into home decor. If those wheels were not already turning fast enough, as is. :/ Take a look at some of my great salvaged home decor items and more that did not cost me a single cent:


These were some great salvaged pieces. A metal lamp shade from a garage sale, an old axel dug up in the back yard and the 1930's microphone base were all considered junk, but now will be transformed into an industrial floor lamp in 2013!


I know, we have all seen the herb garden... But see the dragonfly trinket hanging down the side? That was originally part of a wind chime that was given to me by one of my local merchants. It adds a special touch to the overall design, don't you think? I also incorporated the wind chimes casing in my garden, and apologize did not get a photo to share. These small touches can display character within your decor.


Now how can we forget about this chair?! It was included with other furnishing purchases at no additional charge. (The desk behind the image, and a bookcase) Of course it was originally covered in an unattractive, fury-fleece cloth. Please refer to my earlier post to see its transformation.


A great little stool, that no one else had use for. It's perfect for a plant or an extra boost. Again, I apologize I don't have a better picture of this. It was sold as I was unloading it from my vehicle. :/

My newest freebie is pretty unique, and yours for the right price:


A vintage lap writing desk. It's adjustable, and folds away for easy storage. A perfect find for my freebie sharing!

I got a good laugh today when my local merchant looked at me, and just shook his head. I was pulling out my wallet with full intention of spending something, but he just ushered me to the door without opening the cash register.

"A warehouse full of furnishings and decor, and this is what you come up with." He says.


"Leave it to the eye of the beholder!" I say!

Hoping you enjoyed my freebie post! I am sure you all have your very own stories of great free home decor that excites you, so feel free to share your comments below!

Oh, dear lord...

It's 2AM, and I have a furniture delivery in the morning!

You'll want to stay tuned for this one!

Adam Young Facebook Instagram (mobile users only) @ayoung4636 @decorhunt

OK, now 3 AM...

Decor Hunt Confessions! (GUILT - GRACE - GLORY)

I try not to get too socially engaged. I think it comes from a fear of getting sucked in. Just not a typical social butterfly here. I have a more direct personality. There are times that I will be thoroughly involved and other times completely dismissive. My blog postings will always be conduct a time-span, and my only hope is you continue to follow along for GREAT things. This year I have decided to start my Confessional Board; a series about me. My thoughts, experiences and mostly about ME.

Most inspirational artists had wandering minds, and simply left our thoughts in awe. One day I suspect I might do the same. Until that time, I plan on working diligently to achieve that notoriety.

This year I have decided wholeheartedly its the time for a change. I am diving in, biting tooth and nail to take care of myself and work hard to get this business up and running to a comfortable standard. I have recently registered it and I have my quotas. I know this takes extraordinary levels of work and determination to accomplish as well, this will take time. I'm going to give it my all and I WILL succeed!

You see, my business model is easy: I hunt, I find and you buy. (Other Design Services Are Available)

It is a very simple model to the work with. Although, I have barely given myself a down moment as I have too continuously think of new ideas, concepts and maintain all the work personally.

Tonight I was sharing a conversation with a buddy of mine regarding my ideas for marketing. In which, I still do not have business cards for or even flyers. Not one piece of actual literature that has my Companies name associated with it. I have created them though - but do not have the time to redo them to fit my new designs and layouts of this website. I have been too focused on my sites, Social Media and other misc. needs of a business to focus on these necessary marketing must haves.

I fluctuate between all areas of the business to make a cohesive unit. This all does include working a full time position as an Ops. Mgr.; sadly enough, its for a Marketing Firm and I have none of the basic marketing tools for myself. "WT..." See, I work Monday through Friday 9 AM - 6 PM, and when I land at home I am working on concepts, ideas, constructing or searching for that next great deal til 1 AM - most nights. My head swarms with thoughts and conversations - GREAT things I want to ACCOMPLISH.

It all deters me from taking the step back from the jungle and picturing the tree line. I typically try to analyze each vines growth, when I should be cutting them down one at a time.

Please understand my business did not begin overnight. It took much trial and error, dedicated research and the will to continue moving forward.

I tend to start off grand then dwindle myself back to reality, at a much more affordable approach. I am a 29 year old young professional, with an entrepreneurs spirit. I enjoy thinking BIG and I think I found a great market to provide an extraordinary service to.

However, it is time I get back to the basic essentials. Here are the things i need to expand my marketing:

  • Business Cards
  • Brochures - Include: Images, Before & Afters, Concepts, Products,
  • Sell Overstock While Marketing At Flea Market
  • Social Marketing Guru Service

After I have completed the above, I might just be ready to market better offline, direct to consumers. These basic marketing materials are essential for displaying your companies image and creating a lasting impression.

For now, I am going to stop blogging about it and actually get some work done to accomplish this goal. Hopefully, next time you hear from me I will have all my basic needs in order to share more with you.

Sheesh! Get it together! :/

Decor Hunt Sale Going on Now!!!

Take a quick look at all the great products and LOW prices by clicking here! Going on right now, everything is marked down for the rest of the week! You can see a quick recap of this weekends events by viewing below, if you missed the instant updates from Facebook. Be sure to like me on Facebook for real time shopping events and special savings.

It was an extremely busy weekend for yours truly, but well worth the hard work and time spent. My new discoveries of merchants helped me towards a more successful decor hunt. Along with these great discoveries, follows unique home decor now for sale to you.


A classic Davis chair company drafting chair. Current bid price: 75.95 + shipping


Wood and banana fiber magazine holder. Current bid price: $9.95 + shipping


Vintage wood cabinet. Current bid price: $11.95 + shipping

Retro metal ice bucket. Current price: sold $7.00

There are of course many more items to view on my eBay Account. I definitely encourage you to click the link provided to browse through my 7 day sale of merchandise. Be sure to follow along as I update items very often.

In hopes to inspire you, take a look at some of the great decor selections I frequently encounter. The items are limitless and all available to be implemented into your home decor!


This image comes from a vintage shop with reasonable prices, and has a large selection.



These two images come from a consignment / thrift shop with moderate pricing and high quality merchandise.

I hope that my discoveries inspire you to mix up your decor. Character in a piece comes from age, construction, and material selections. Same goes for your home decor. Don't let your decor remain bland. Decor Hunt will help spruce up your home with unique, quality and affordable merchandise that can compliment your individual personality.

Get instant updates when new products are posted by following us on Facebook.

Decor Hunt Confessionals! (Prologue to yours truly)

This year I promised myself to become more socially personable, especially on the internet. This means pouring my heart and soul into my business, and I don't think it's too bad of an idea. So in an effort towards my satisfaction I am going to begin to bore you with the crazy thoughts that run ramped through my head, in a series I like to call Decor Hunt Confessionals. So... Here we go! Let's start from the beginning:

Hi, my name is Adam Young. I am a 29 year old, young professional. I originally grew up in Ohio, coming from the typical hard working family of four. Hmm... Typical?! :) well not quite. We definitely curve to a certain kind of quirk; Nonetheless, caring, thoughtful and hard working.


My parents still own their construction business in Northeastern Ohio, building lawn furniture, exterior structures and rough framing homes for over 28 years. I owe a debt of gratitude for this lifestyle growing up. It has provided me many different talents I am able to put to use in my very own, everyday life and business.


I recently registered my business, Decor Hunt LLC, in Dunedin, FL. It's a beautiful town, on the edge of the gulf coast, overlooking Clearwater Beach, and Caledesi Island. The thing I describe it most, is communal. It has an extraordinary community of support for the artists, crafters and alike. As well, it has an astonishing view!


This town provides me great opportunity to succeed. I look forward to my growth and all the support I receive from it. My business is under a year old, and I am focusing much of my time through social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and local marketing by word of mouth.

In addition to my business I work a full time position, as an Operations Manager for a marketing firm. This consumes the majority of my time, but any free moment I get, I dive fully into making the success of my very own career.

I am a very self driven individual. I like to look into the future and love what I see. I fear failure and strive for perfection. I keep my mind open for criticism, and truly appreciate feedback. My backbone is stronger than most, but I still have a kind heart. I know this world has great things to offer me, and I am ready to step up to the challenge!

Well, there is a brief description of the man behind the writing. I feel I saved you the gruesome details, and will have much more to share in the near future.

(Glad that's over; thought I was filling out an online dating application.) :)

Watch for more confessionals, great decor and design solutions by subscribing to the blog!

Sculpture Saturday!

Here's some great images I want to share that I took over the holidays. This sculpture is right downtown, adjacent from the award winning pier in St. Petersburg, FL. Such a beautiful, inspiring city.


Throughout the area restaurants, shops and museums line the bay coast.

Some great spots to visit:


The Chihuly Collection is a great place to start for an inspirational viewing of one of the most influential artists of our time, Dale Chihuly.

All this plus food, is located at 400 Beach Drive. I highly recommend 400 Beach Drive Seafood & Tap House for a very welcoming dinner experience. This restaurant features great accommodations, including outdoor seating with an extraordinary view of the beautiful Vinoy Park & Resort.


Keep watching for other great locations throughout Tampa Bay, and surrounding areas. You may just get inspired! Discovers Old World!

Literally, I did discover an old world... vintage "world" globe with a lamp kit! world GlobeI hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season for 2012 into 2013.  I know I enjoyed some great people, explored different cuisines, built new memories and most of all was able to just relax with good friends.

I've been up to my old tricks, ready to provide you all a great 2013 of Decor Hunt finds, ideas, solutions and fun.

Bring it on 2013!

On The Brighter Side of Things...

Well on the brighter side of things this week, I am going to share some lighting techniques with you. I've been collecting some nice lamps over the past couple years, and let me tell you, they definitely brighten up a room night and day. It's important to make your lighting stand out, but most of all have functionality. Think of it as a piece of art! Take a moment, look around at your lighting fixtures... ....

Now, are they really worth keeping? I know I have walked into many homes and found that most light fixtures typically match the night stands or end tables that accompany them. It's time for a change, let's get some real character in your home. Take a look at some of these great inexpensive pieces I have come across:


I found this great lantern piece for only $10! It was perfect for my client that needed some hometown, New Orleans flare!


Candles are great fillers for subtle ambiance. It's even better with the clear glass beads as they truly sparkle and light up the room adequately.


It's even better when they only cost you $5 for the set!


Floor lamps are a great feature, adding characteristic of art and sculpture, especially for $25. What a steal!

There are so many more to share... But let's take a look at the exterior capabilities of light, recently shared in a previous post of mine.


Spotlights are perfect for displaying your art, flags and more. The string lights work great as a torch effect for your palms, also including the spot lights shining through the tops of your trees creates a nice shadowy texture along your plain drab walls.

I'll share a few more technique below:

Textured walls - graze your lighting down the wall 1' or less away. This technique works great with brick walls.

Cabinets - under cabinet lighting reduces glare and helps with ambiance of a room.

Indoor plants - up lights create a nice texture against the ceiling, filling your space completely with no bright apparent light.

These are just a few techniques to keep your spark beaming bright, day or night. Whether these lights are on or off, they only add to the value of your decor. There is and endless selection to choose from, but finding the right piece takes sole and class.

Thanks for taking a gander at my post. If you are looking for some help with your lighting, feel free to send your photos and phone number to for real-time SMS messaging of fixtures we come across, specifically targeted to your unique taste. All items are listed 25% above acquired costs, plus shipping and handling.

Raise Your Glass - Stock Your Ammo

Yesterday was the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, HI.  I hope everyone took a moment to say a prayer for all the men and women that lost their lives, and that were injured from the invasion in the early morning hours on that day in history.  I could not help but to think about it, as my brother was stationed there for many years, serving the United States Military.   I surely bowed my head in prayer for all the lives that were lost, not only for that historic day, but the years of 1935 - 1945 during WWII, in which my Grandfather served. To my surprise yesterday, during my Decor Hunt, I found a couple unique pieces that had relevance to this war / time period.  I couldn't share it with you fast enough, but today want to let you take a look at these unique pieces from history.

The Holocaust brought many countries together in alliance to fight the German Occupied Territories and Nazis, to protect the equality of human kind as we know it.  So here is a toast to the alliance that forged, and the fight they endured to achieve sanctity and the security of the Jewish Men, Woman and Children:

Judaica - Kiddush Goblet - 1940, Gilt - Silver Plated by Reed & Barton

Reed and Barton Goblet

The Kiddush Goblet is used for religion practices of the Jewish community to honor Mitzvah.  It holds a specific amount of wine, and is typically silver.  After reciting Kiddush, a drink is taken, then the Kiddush goblet is passed around the table.

Reed and Barton was prominent in manufacturing for the silversmith trade and started its Company in 1824.  The company is still privately owned by the Reed family and was commissioned to complete the official Gold, Silver and Bronze Metals for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Reed and Barton company's products are used in the White House, in Washinton D.C., even today.  They remain with their original manufacturing facility in Taunton, MA - as well are available online, A long way from 1824, that's for sure, but still producing superb products.

Post WWII Ammunition Case

Now the second find I happen to come across was this unique ammunition box.  I initially IMG_1896thought this was a WWII ammunition case; however, since have been corrected that it is Post WWII, through my research - but definitely unique for a storage unit mixed into your decor.  It still holds it's relevance to my posting and would be a great piece for storing your photos, books or even your ammo!  :)

This case has a seal that is still in tack to help with moisture and dust control, to protect those precious memories & literature.

You can find these great items and more by visiting my eBay page and other listing by clicking the link provided here.

Please be sure to select the links below to get instant update on new items:



Coincidence or Pure Intuition

Early Sunday morning I was preparing to leave the house, set out on a new excursion of Decor Hunts.  Before hand, I was Revere Warespeaking with my Mother regarding a Revere Ware Pots and Pans set that she had specifically discovered she owned and the value of those items.  So we researched the items together, and were quite shocked in the value of these unique quality items.  Here is a little background on them for your interests: In 1801, Paul Revere started the Revere Copper Company, which evolved into Revere Copper and Brass. Copper-clad Revere ware was one of the popular cookware products of the 1940s. Copper distributed the heat evenly, the same as cast iron. Revere ware's popularity was due to it being significantly lighter than cast iron yet just as durable. Many copper-clad pots and pans from the 1940s are still in use today.

So nothing much of an after thought, I began my Decor Hunt, of course picking up my morning coffee first - A MUST! :)  My first stop, to my surprise I discovered the first of many Revere Cookware pans that I would be locating throughout the day.  I continued through my day focusing on the Kitchenware sections of my choice locations, digging and fumbling through the clanking metals.  It took me back to my childhood when my Mother would give us pots and wooden spoons so we can beat them to death until our hearts were content.  Hey, saved her money on buying us new toys!
So after a few stops and quite a bit of noise, I was able to piece together a 6 piece Revere Ware Copper Clad Pots and PansIMG_1842 set - complete for the home cook.  I must say I am pretty proud of this hunt, the fact that these items came from different locations with the same uniqueness of their manufacturer.
It was a dangerous hunt, as I thought the elderly women at the checkout line were going to mug me in the parking lot. LOL We had great conversation on the quality of these cooking pieces - and how they wished that they had discovered them first.
Successfully I was able to complete this six piece set for a fair price.  Now, its your turn to take a closer look at this beautiful set on our eBay Store.  Feel free to place a bid while your at it.  This set comes just in time for Christmas, for a gift or your own use for that great dinner you plan on having.
I discovered many other great products yesterday and will be sure to highlight those later this week.  Those items include horse grooming tool, sporting goods, games, and yet another unique antique from early or pre 1900.
Stay tuned, as you never know what I will be coming across, or the trouble I can get myself into.
Have a wonderful week, and thank you for reading our post!

The Right Tool For The Job

Are you endlessly digging through drawers of clutter trying to find the right tool for the job? If so, your like so many of us out there. It's time to get organized - for the low cost of ingenuity. I hit a wall digging through my company's filing cabinet of tools, that just got buried one on top of another. JUST HAD IT WITH THAT MESS, no one has time for that! ;)

Here's the solution, pick up your car keys, go down to your local hardware store, and pick up the oldest trick in the book - peg board - YES, they still make that. :) While you are there, pick up cabinet shelves, and the necessary hooks to hang your most commonly used tools.

Take a gander at my company's new tool display neatly snug in an unused area of of their warehouse. We can now use those filing cabinets for another purpose, possible for organizing paper?! Lol ;)


Above is a snapshot before, the space was just not being used, other than stacking boxes. Now below is the better alternative that everyone can appreciate come Monday morning.


Now that I completed this little project, maybe I can talk them into some trim around that door! ;) Stay tuned to see when it happens - it will complete this fun little project to its entirety!

Another Interesting Discovery

Quite recently I discovered this unique vintage chair had a surprise waiting for me to unwrap, an unintentional, early holiday present. It was mere accident that I dropped my pen, and upon locating under this chair I discovered a bright lining under this fury seat.


The above piece was unique enough, but still had it's noticeably unflattering recovered seat. At the sight of my discovery, I began to peel off this fuzz, and came across the original retro upholstery fabric that this chair now displays so properly. :) A much better choice for this unique find, to take it back to its originality.



Change is inevitable, originality is a choice! Find more great decor, ideas, tips and tricks here at I encourage you to add your email to the right, and "Join The Hunt".

An Eye To Shop Outside The Box

Earlier yesterday, I shared a few posts through my Facebook Page on an exciting set of items I discovered through a mid-day lunch attempt to find a deal!  I must confess, I FOUND A DEAL!  The preceding, as well proceeding links will provide you details of that Decor Hunt. Regardless of how I discovered these pieces, it was from our mainstream MOM & POP SHOPS, CHARITY, CONSIGNMENT and THRIFT friends - Truly it takes an eye, maybe two or three to discover amazing pieces.  For example, I only discovered unique markings on these pieces after reviewing them 3 or 4 times with close friends of mine after my original purchase.

These items; regardless, were extraordinary before my purchase as I have an inner instinct of quality handmade items.  Besides the point of the copper, and tin lining they have - I knew I was coming across a set of unique pieces.  I just did not know they were mid 1800's to early 1900's until closer examination after the purchase - just knew my $20 buy was justified at that time. Ended up to be Museum quality.

Finding these pieces truly put a spark in my desire to keep looking, for more desirable, collector pieces as I could not locate them anywhere; even online with our "NEW WORLD's" database for research and discovery.  At this point, I knew I had something truly unique and worth a pretty penny.  Valued at $150 - $300 for each piece, it is truly a remarkable Decor Hunt, even far beyond our means.

I recently took these pieces down to a local Antique Dealer, who was more than helpful in helping me appraise them.

I honestly think she was just as excited about my find as I was.  She was very helpful in my listing of the items to eBay, as well my pricing and describing the condition of the 107 year old pieces.  Yes… I did say 107 YEARS!

I am 28, turning 29 – And YES, I find these are remarkable pieces.  I confess these are beautiful in construction and uniqueness – No doubt about that.

I encourage you to follow my blog, and postings as I come across unique items all the time, and admit this might be one that is hard to beat!  For the time being, check them out on eBay, and what they sell for, to the highest bidder - even if you cannot afford them, because I know I cannot! :) However, they are totally worth the listed price and so much more!

Only after 3 hours of posting online, these pieces have exceeded my total number of views extraordinarily!  If you have the courage, and the wallet - they are priced just about right for you, and tucked safely away until that purchase is made!

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Ketchup On a Home Decor Tip!

This was a surprising tip I found to clean those brass pieces and fixtures that look so neglected... Ketchup! Apparently the acid in the tomatoes cuts right through that natural oxidation of your precious brass pieces. Check out the before, middle and after below:


The above photo is what the piece appeared before applying this household staple. Below is the surprising progress we have made:


And finally...


This trick will work on any of your brass fixtures; however, we strongly urge you to allow those antique pieces to continue to patina as it increases the value to allow the natural oxidation of the metal.